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(Generic Template)
Banana (Test).gif
A monkey officer.
Heals a target monkey unit for 25 health points; leftover peel can slip enemy soldiers.
As any commander in charge of simians can attest, Bananas are always high in demand for their delicious versatility.


This is a highly customizable, generic template that can be used in places where making a whole new template isn't necessary. On the right, you can see all the standard fields available, each of them being individually removable.

Place this template preferably at the top of the page. The syntax is the following:

{{ Generic
| name   = Name
| sub    = Subtitle
| image  = [[Image:Filename.gif]]
| side   = 1
| hotkey = 1-1
| cost   = 1
| req    = Requirements.
| fx     = Effects.
| desc   = Description.

All parameters are optional and can be safely removed, causing the corresponding fields not to appear in the template at all. If some of the data are pertinent but unknown, please do not remove the field. Rather, type "?" into it to let others know what is missing.

Please note:

  • the side parameter only has two possible values. Set it to 1 for Allied, or to 2 for Axis;
  • the cost parameter will not be displayed if the image is not set.

Extra Customization

Options unique to the Generic template

a box full of 'em
Xx gib brain.gif
Wait, what!?!
Commander, these are, uh, special "supplies" meant for Hitler's supersecret Wiederbeseelte Leiche Unit.
Yeah, and what do they do with them?!
They kinda feed on them... makes them scream and lurch at our enemies with renewed vigor, with the added bonus that it really creeps those Yankees out!
Creeps me out, for sure...
These tactics may seem very questionable to you, but whatever works, right?
So, whatever happens when we run out? We weren't shipped that many...
Listen to me commander, that is not a possibility, do you understand!? Go gib some Volkssturm. Whatever you do, THAT MUST NOT HAPPEN!!
Blood splatter.png
All Hail Urb
Lord of Urbania!
Ico ap.gif
Ico ap.gif
Icon communityportal.png
~ Unfair Random Brutality ~

You can change the captions of the Requirements and Effects fields to anything else you need:

| creq   = Pros:
| cfx    = Cons:

If you need more fields after those two, you can create a couple more by defining their captions and data:

| cxtra1 = Specialties:
| xtra1  = None.
| cxtra2 = Starting Equipment:
| xtra2  = None.

The Brain example on the right has been customized with all of the above.

Finally, for ultimate customization, you can insert any custom content (including HTML/wiki markup) at the very end of the box. This is especially useful if you are not using the other fields for Effects, Description, etc. or even an image, allowing you to just reuse the template box for anything you want (see the Urb example):

| custom = <div style="text-align: center;">World domination!</div>

The box width defaults to 160 pixels, but this (you guessed it!) can be changed:

| width  = 160

If you alter the width, the green background in the image area will be removed, since it cannot scale to other sizes, and this frees the area to fit the size of whatever picture you put in there.

Regular old options

This template can be used multiple times in the same page if needed. By default, they will appear side-by-side. In order to force them to appear one below each other, add this extra parameter:

| pile   = 1

If you want to force other page content to appear below the template, instead of beside it, add this parameter:

| clear  = 1

The box will float on the right side by default. To switch it to the left, add the following parameter:

| left   = 1

You can also align it to the center, but this will automatically force the clearing of the content:

| center = 1

Lastly, you can change the margin around the box. This might come in handy when placing multiple boxes side-by-side. By default, it is 12 pixels wide, as shown:

| margin = 12
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