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Below you will find the 84 Facts of the Day that were published here in 2011.

October 2011

  1. D-Day was the largest seaborne invasion in the history of warfare.
  2. NebelWerfer translates literally as Fog Thrower, or Dropper.
  3. We have had 4 winners of strat of the Month so far.
  4. When the Germans shout 'Sieg Oder Tod!' they are saying Victory or Death!
  5. The forums have over 50,000 posts.
  6. Hacking is bad, don't do it.
  7. You get extra marks in an REP exam if you write an essay on why Hitler wasn't evil.
  8. Today is 1 week since this function was started.
  9. World war II is the bloodiest single event in the history of mankind.
  10. The M4 Sherman is great at killing, Friendly Vehicles, Friendly Troops, Friendly Crates and occasionally germans.
  11. Operation Bagration (Soviet Unions counter-attack) was the largest military
    operation in history containing 2 300 000 men, 4 000 tanks and over 5 000 aircraft.
  12. If you see an Infiltrator, get the hell out of knife range.
  13. Don't be stupid, Sarge doesn't CQC wespes. Although it may be amusing to watch, URB has neglaected to code it.
  14. If you think the Tiger tank is easy to beat, just hope URB doesn't add 'Der Ratte'.
  15. In an upcoming patch, tanks will have front armor!
  16. You can nominate your guide for Strategy of the month this week.
  17. One woman locked a Home Guard in her cupboard because he had Hitler moustache... Crazy people.
  18. It has been claimed that Hitler is still alive and either working as a bartender in Austria, living as a Shepherd in Scotland, or in a secret bunker with a lot of tinned food.
  19. Italian Partisans hung Mussolini from an Esso petrol station.
  20. U-boat was short for Underseaboaten.
  21. Alexander Fadin commanded T-34 tank with support of infantry platoon, destroyed 3 German tanks, half-track, two mortars, 12 MG nests and shot down enemy airplane with coaxial MG
  22. There are currently 15 users, including URB, who hold a wiki or forum moderation position.
  23. Hermann Goering was Hitlers commander-in-chief of the Luftwaffe
  24. You can find older versions of MnB2 for download in this forum thread.
  25. Make sure to go and vote for Strat of the Month in this forum thread.
  26. Halloween is coming up soon, be sure to get your ribbon.
  27. The Codename for Hitler's failed invasion of Britain was Operation: Sealion
  28. Today is Halloween, All Hallows Eve, Samhain, The Day of the Dead, get your ribbon by killing 20 zombies!

November 2011

  1. Hitler was a corporal in WWI and was shot in the leg during a battle for a village in France.
  2. The Half-Track is the only modular unit to be used in MnB2 yet.
  3. During the siege of Stalingrad, General Paulus, the commander wanted to surrender, Hitler sent him a promotion to Marshall, reminding him that no German Marshall had ever surrendered, Paulus surrendered the next day.
  4. The Victoria Cross is the highest award available in the British army, and in-game.
  5. The war room is the largest Forum section.
  6. Fuhrer translates literally as Guide
  7. The Holocaust was the biggest Genocide in human history.
  8. The battle of Kursk, in Russia, was the largest clash of armoured forces in a single battle ever.
  9. The Half-track Gun boat upgrade is the most expensive thing you can buy, costing a total of 27 Tactical points.
  10. You can get your rememberance day ribbon today, but spare a thought for the millions of lives lost.
  11. One of the most efficient snipers in the world was Simo Häyhä (Finland) during Winter War scoring over 500 kills during 100 days.
  12. When the sun goes down, und am Morgen, Nous-nous rappelerons d'eux
  13. Be sure to check out The Poetry Thread on the forums.
  14. Monte Cassino monastery in Italy was the most bombed position in WWII
  15. The invasion of Sicily was codenamed operation:Husky
  16. The whole 9 yards" came from WWII fighter pilots in the Pacific. When arming their airplanes on the ground, the .50 caliber machine gun ammo belts measured exactly 27 feet, before being loaded into the fuselage. If the pilots fired all their ammo at a target, it got "the whole 9 yards."
  17. The bombing of Monte Cassino dropped 5 tonnes of bombs for every German soldier in the town.
  18. The Gunner is one of the most popular, and deadly, anti-infantry units.
  19. The Brutalized's Guide on How NOT to Get Brutalized is the largest page in the wiki.
  20. German Me-264 bombers were capable of bombing New York City but the Germans thought it wasn't worth the effort.
  21. Sarge is lethal in CQC with a bayonet.
  22. We have a new Bloody sunday today!
  23. There is only one user to win the Guide of the Month competition twice.
  24. Only 2 people are known to have all medals in MnB2.
  25. The nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were codenamed 'Fat man' and 'Little boy'

December 2011

  1. Mud and Blood 2 is a strategy sandbox game.
  2. The prisoners in Sobibor concentration camp overran their german guards and 300 escaped, the largest revolt during the war.
  3. As of 16:32 GMT, December 3rd 2011, the wiki had 1,111 accounts.
  4. Be sure to submit an entry to the December writers contest.
  5. On the MnB.net site you get 10% extra exp.
  6. The War Room has over 20,000 posts
  7. Russian T-34 was the most produced tank during WW2 with over 33 000 tanks produced
  8. The only nation that Germany declared war on was the USA.
  9. There are 7 wiki user groups: unconfirmed, autoconfirmed, Trusted, NCOs, Officers, Admins and Bureaucrats
  10. Be sure to have a look at the newly made guide to editing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BK2yYWUVkE
  11. The December writers competition submissions end on Christmas eve.
  12. Mud and Blood 2 on kongregate has over 6.5 million plays
  13. Monopoly games manufactured in England were really escape kits for POWs. 35,000 POWs escaped from Germany and Italy. About one third of these credited the contraband games for their escape
  14. The first German serviceman killed in the war was killed by the Japanese
  15. 10 minutes after the landing at Omaha Beach had started, the leading company was completely annihilated by the defending Germans.
  16. Albert Göring, the younger brother of Reich Marshal Hermann Göring, was an outspoken anti-Nazi.
  17. The Russians destroyed over 500 German aircraft by ramming them in mid-air (they also sometimes cleared minefields by marching over them).
  18. URB has a new video out, containing hints about the Christmas patch
  19. There is a forum thread containing sample questions from URB's Q&A.
  20. The soldiers attacking Omaha lost roughly one man per foot gained.
  21. The siege of Leningrad lasted for 872 days
  22. When 35,000 US and Canadian troops stormed Kiska 21 men were killed in the firefight, it may have been worse had there been Japanese on the island.
  23. Tomorrow is the only day of the year you can get your Xmas Ribbon
  24. Today is Christmas, I doubt anyone will read this today, but if you do, Have a nice time.
  25. The Christmas newletter is out on the forums, it can be found here
  26. Santa is now in MnB! Get your ribbon!
  27. The Xmas patch has brought a new gamemode available once every rank.
  28. The feared Wespe Blitz has arrived. Be afraid, be very afraid.
  29. Poland lost 21.4% of its entire population during WW2.
  30. Happy new year for everyone!
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