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This user {{{3}}} [[{{{4}}}]]

This can be used to design a badge to be put on a user page (if they are part of a project, for example). The syntax is this:

{{badge|box color|text color|what the user is/does|image|potential for up to 10 further images/text}}
 [[Category: User Badges]]

The box color will default to white and the text color will default to black. Due to technical implementation problems, the addition to Category: User Badges will no longer take place automatically, however, to combat this, we've just placed it at the end of the syntax, so copy it all and it will work. Very happy.gif.

Remember to still use the <onlyinclude></onlyinclude> tags at the beginning and end of what you want your template to have.

As an example:

{{Badge|red|white|likes cheese|File:OfficerHT.png}} 
results in
This user likes cheese OfficerHT.png
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