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Xx command 2order 04taunt.gif
None; has a 20 second cooldown. May fail unexpectedly.
Instantly brings an enemy wave, and gives you 1 TP (unless you use it before wave 5, when it will give you 2 TP).
Gives you another wave of stuff to kill, with TP and all. The regularly timed waves continue undisturbed however, so you could end up with two waves if you time it badly.

The Taunt command will generally instantly bring you another wave of Nazis to play with, awarding you a TP and increasing the wave counter accordingly. This is a wave of units just like any other wave, but it comes independent of the normal flow of waves, which will still come regularly, and if you time the Taunt badly, could come up at the same time. A scout unit can help you with the timing.

There is a 20 second cooldown between each taunt, to prevent you from being able to get hundreds of kills with a single arty strike (and probably simultaneously crashing the game).

Sometimes taunting fails, giving you a 'Your taunt was not successful' message. If you get one, this usually means that the enemy has some overwhelming force incoming in the next few waves, usually a "Germans Changed Tactics", but sometimes a blitz. Prepare.

Be warned that after wave 70, taunts will no longer function to increase the visible wave counter or logical wave counter, so using this to get that precious Gold Star when your being overrun may backfire! But it will still give you the tactical point and send more enemies on you.

Taunt Strategies

Taunts are used for several reasons:

  • Increasing game speed, get new cannon fodder quicker. To use Taunt this way, it might be used in the middle of a light wave when all Germans have been killed and there is still some time before the next wave, so the player wants to gain some more exp for his units.
  • Amassing enemy units: If there's a heavy wave starting ("Germans changed tactics" or a blitz which you will use arty or CAS, to inflict more damage. It might be convenient to taunt immediately to get even more enemies to kill. If an engineer has placed a mine field, the same thinking applies: It is more efficient to kill several Germans with one mine than only one or two.
  • Get an instant TP: In need of a TP, this is one of the ways to get it.
  • To cause friendly fire among the enemy: heavy numbers of advancing enemies on the field can be softened up by a taunt, units in the taunted wave might throw grenades and hit their fellows, Wespes can stop advancing tanks.
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