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Target Switching Trait
An Allied gunner. To most players, he is the most familiar of target switching units.

Target Switching is a trait which allows a unit to change targets while maintaining continuous fire. It will not remain for long at any one target, therefore diminishing the chances of killing it in favor of pinning a larger number of targets.

While the acquisition of the first target will incurr standard aiming delays and is limited to the enemy closest to the unit, subsequent targets suffer no delay and are picked entirely at random.

Target Switching units usually wield fully automatic weapons and maintain prolonged fire. Coupled with an auto fire penalty of 2% accuracy per round after the first, this will lead to a quick accumulation of penalties for each firing sequence, further reducing the unit's killing capacity.

Note: Allied gunners incur a 3% penalty instead.


  • Allows the unit to pin down and potentially kill multiple targets in a short time;
  • Allows the unit to circumvent standard targeting priority limitations, thus hitting enemies farther behind the line and ignoring meatshields;
  • Allows the unit to make a most efficient use of the ammunition in a magazine.


  • Needs an automatic or a semi-automatic weapon;
  • Chances are the targets will not be killed, unless the operator is highly skilled or can benefit from CQC bonus.

Target-switching units

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