Tank Killer Ribbon

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Tank Killer Ribbon
Tank Killer Ribbon.jpg
Kill 10 enemy tanks or jeeps
1% chance to get a bazooka man every game start
Real Life Medal?

Tanks and jeeps were the cutting-edge weapons of World War II. Although some tanks like the Mark IV were used in WWI, tanks saw much greater usage in WWII. Although as an Allied MnB commander, you can only call in the Sherman Tank, the Germans can call on you Panzer IV's, Flak Panzers, Tiger Tanks, and, although it is not a tank, the Wespe. You have jeeps, but the Germans have Kubelwagens with a mounted MG-42.

The US Army is willing to reward commanders who prove to the Nazis that tanks don't win wars by killing 10 tanks or Kubelwagens. The medal is fairly easy to get, some get it in their first game, but the reward is likewise, not very helpful.

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