Tactical Withdraw

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Tactical Withdraw
Xx command 2order 10withdraw.gif
You need an Officer in your squad.
Makes a target unit leave; 25% chance to get your TP refunded.
A special maneuver used to get rid of under-performing or "crated" units for TPs.

This order will withdraw almost any Allied Unit (with the exception of vehicles). The selected unit will leave the battlefield and you will have a 25% chance to get your TPs refunded. Note that this will also work on starter units.

Warning! Be careful with using tactical withdraw. Once you click on it, the only way to get rid of the tactical withdraw cursor is to:

  1. Retreat a soldier
  2. Buy another soldier and withdraw him

Even if you try changing the command by clicking hold fire or any other thing that changes the cursor, once you apply it to a soldier, the tactical withdraw cursor will still be there. The best way to deal with this is to buy a frenchie and tactical withdraw him.

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