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Std structure tnt.gif
  • High-powered explosive;
  • It can be remotely detonated;
  • It can destroy rocks.
TNT is a very high-powered explosive capable of breaking even rocks. Contrary to popular belief, TNT is NOT dynamite. Unlike mines, it can be remotely detonated when you click on it.

TNT, or Trinitrotoluene, is a basic explosive.

If talking about the explosives in real life, the power of TNT sticks is awesome. A couple of TNT sticks bunched together are more awesome, and this is the rule of MnB's good ol' explosive bundle. It is a surprisingly small pile of angry, explosive substances, with a fuse attached to it. When the time for detonation comes, the blast will surely cause German soldiers more trouble than what they bargained for.

An engineer can place it for 2 Tactical Points (in the old version it cost 3 TPs), and it can be detonated by a click whenever you want. It has a medium explosive radius and can destroy rocks.

Be careful, an enemy engineer can disarm it. Booby trapping the explosive will guarantee that the TNT will still explode when a pioneer defuses it, but instead of detonating where you placed the charge, it will detonate on the Assault Pioneer. Beware, enemy pioneers can also lay these too. If you mouse over an Axis-laid TNT, it will say "This is not yours!!". You can use your engineers to defuse them. Simply command your engineer to walk close to the TNT, and click it, giving you a free bundle of TNT at your disposal, and 3 EXP for your engineer.


Strategic Use

TNT is very useful tool if you want to have control over German's vehicle population over the battlefield. TNT is also often used as Last Line defense, if your soldiers didn't manage to stop the Germans from bypassing your precious battlefield controlling line. Also, it is very rarely used to make a unconventional trench, made up by the TNT explosion. Other uses for the TNT are either busting rocks, or taking down trees.

Ribbon guide

If you want the Interdiction Ribbon, just lay a few of these at the top of the map, booby trapped. Unlike mines, TNT will only go off if you tell it to. Just lay them and wait for the German Pioneers to attempt to defuse it. Though sometimes this strategy is a long-term, as Pioneers will not always show up, this plan is the easiest method to get the Ribbon.

Booby Trapping

When a TNT is booby trapped by your Engineer, any Assault Pioneer attempting its defusal will get a rather explosive surprise as the tampered TNT explodes in his face.

Fun Facts

  • It's basically an artillery round that you can detonate whenever the situation demands and can also be booby-trapped.
  • It is almost impossible to detonate the charge when the main body of a tank or vehicle is on top of it. This does not apply if you already had your mouse over it before the tank rolled on the TNT.
  • Axis TNT is of a slightly different colour than Allied TNT

Real Life

TNT wasn't used on a very large scale in WWII on its own. It was used in High-Explosive shells (example mortar or armor-piercing artillery rounds) and in very many explosive types in mix with other explosives, example Amatol with 40% TNT. Most common explosives used with TNT were RDX and PETN. Military dynamite has 15% TNT, so they are not the same thing as often believed. TNT is used when comparing explosives power and it is toxic.

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