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Xx command 2order 06surrender.gif
Something else to do.
Immediately ends your game.
Allows you to leave the game and have the current stats count in your profile.

Surrendering is the preferable method for cutting a game short, because its stats will then be added to your profile. If you just leave the webpage or refresh, you will only have a 0-waves games recorded into it. It's also the preferred way of those who can't bear to see their darling soldiers get slaughtered, or for the people who risk their chances of obtaining the Victoria Cross for the convenience of choosing another starting terrain.

The Surrender button is always located at the bottom of the orders menu, even when new orders are introduced into the game, but its hotkey remains 2-6.

WARNING: There is no confirmation for this action!

Real Life

Surrender is when soldiers, naval craft, nations or other combatants stop fighting and eventually become prisoners of war, either as individuals or when ordered to by their officers. A white flag is a common symbol of surrender, as is the gesture of raising one's hands empty and open above one's head. When the parties agree to terms, the surrender may be conditional, i.e. if the surrendering party promises to submit only after the victor makes certain promises. Otherwise it is a surrender at discretion (unconditional surrender) Entire nations can also surrender in an attempt to end a war or military conflict. This is done through an unconditional capitulation or the signing of a treaty, such as an armistice or peace treaty.

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