Suppressive Fire

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Result of target switching suppressive fire‎
NameSuppressive Fire.
EffectAllows a unit to lay down large amounts of inaccurate fire to suppress enemy motion
DescriptionFire exchange is an important factor in a modern battlefield. The fire exchange usually dictates who will be able to maneuver and subsequently control the battle space, making the suppressive units key players. A suppressive fire-capable unit will use their automatic weapons in a way to maximize their contribution to the fire exchange. While most soldiers usually aim for a kill, even while firing burst weapons, the suppressive fire units will 'distribute' rounds amongst the available targets in order to spread the effect of their sustained fire on the entire enemy position. Pinned enemies can then be flanked, outmaneuvered or destroyed. For example, the browning .30 is a fire suppressor.

A German example of a fire suppressor is the MG-42.

Suppressive Fire ultimately depends on the soldier being affected. A soldier will often take cover and thus not return as much fire if they are hiding from bullets like that of a machine gun. Weapons with high rates of fire are often apt for this job. The aim isn't always to kill the enemy, but to frighten them into minimal efficiency while the rest of your squad picks them off. In modern day times, Light Machine Guns are used for this role and despite using the same caliber, the weapon's design has a more stable frame, a thicker barrel and a bipod to maintain long periods of continuous fire. Suppressive fire will often improve the survival rate of your own troops while allowing more accurate Battle Rifles (pre-WW2) or Assault Rifles (post-WW2) to remain effective. Thus in most cases there is usually one suppressive fire unit (e.g. a gunner), and a number of other units to pick off the pinned down enemies (i.e. everyone else).
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