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SuperSniper's Guide for Regular Deploy
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== Requirements ==

Absolutely nothing (except a basic understanding of how to play.) If you do not have this, you better get yourself to the Main Page and start swatting up!



Provide a sturdy strat that can allow you to rank up and open more possibilities.


You may have have already read my other guide. If you haven't, I suggest you read the analysis of AT units. This will help you very much. Now to the guide.

The guide is sorta similar to my other guide. This one is designed to offer adequate firepower for a smaller price.

The guide

First you must have 5 men above the battle paused sign at all times, but to be safe we are going to have six. This is the line:


  1. This step is about advancing. Advancing is difficult but is very rewarding. First if you don't find a clear map you must move your men about half an inch from the top and once all the enemies are dead advance. Like This:

    All of your men will gain one exp point and you will get one tp.

  2. Once you find a clear screen buy an officer and an engineer. Place your men like this:

    Then once you have the tps, build a camnet and a trench where your engineer is.

  3. Build one bunker and a trench here:

    Make sure they are above this line though:


  4. Then buy two gunners. Then buy one sniper and place him in the camnet. Then buy two medics and two frenchys . The troop placement in the bunker should look like this:

    There are two gunners, but you can't see the other one.

  5. Your whole setup should look like this:

    Now we need to add some anti-tank to this infantry shredder. We are going to save up and buy a tank. Once you purchase the tank, you should give it the 4tp .50 cal upgrade (help with exp). Place the tank in your camnet. Then buy a signaler, a radar, and an antenna.

    NOTE: You must have the tank by wave 50.

  6. Now that we have some anti-tank we need to improve our gunner protection. Build a bunker and a trench here:

  7. Then place the troops like this:

  8. Buy another tank and place it here (give it .50 upgrade):

    Build it's own camnet.

  9. Buy two .50 cals and place one in each camnet.
  10. Buy one AAA and put it in the new camnet.
  11. Buy two more tanks (of course give them the .50 cal upgrade) and place them in the camnet with the AAA. If you make it to the last step, you are in for a very long game.

    After the last step

    What to do after the last step:

    There are a few options:

    • The Half-Track
    1. The Gun Boat: Very Deadly. Very Expensive, 15Tps. I do not recommend it because we already have SOOO many machine guns already. It is worth the Tps sometimes. Not Here.
    2. The Mobile Hq: Has an antenna, a radar, and a mobile hq. Nuff said. Not very useful in this strat. 12 Tps.
    3. Field Hospital: 10 Tps. Not recommended but you can experiment with it and tell me how it goes.
    4. 81mm mortar: I don't think so, but you can try it.
    5. Anti-Tank: My choice. 12 Tps. Very deadly.
    • More tanks: Always a good option.
    • More AAA's: Another good option
    • Land Mattress: A waste of Tps in this strat(and in my opinion any strat)
    • Anything else: Not recommended. (But experimenting is what you guys do best.

    What could end your game :(

    • Arty blitz: If you have 5 men above the battle paused sign, the Germans are gunna have a very bad day. Because up to 25 rounds of arty are coming their way. (Solution: Go get popcorn, but if you don't have 5 men above the battle paused sign, you are done.)
    • Any support: If you have 5 men on the top of the battle paused sign, don't worry. It will help you out. (Solution: Thank Hitler)
    • Sniper Blitz: This one means business. Your tanks and at guns will kill a few by accident and so will your sniper, but that is not enough. Call three or four rounds of CAS and hope for the best. (Solution: Pray, Prepare to die, and call three or four rounds of CAS.)
    • Brandenburg Blitz: This one is iffy. Because sometimes your gunners kill them all before they can fire. And other times the are shot down to -387 hp. (Solution: Pray for luck)
    • Any other blitzes: Free five tps (Solution: Laugh) Unfair Events: Pray,Pray,Pray,Pray then open your eyes. (Solution: There is none)


    I would like to thank Josh for his undying support and help. He also makes my beautiful wiki pages. Thanks to Brutalized for his Anti-Tank Pics Thanks to everyone who tests my strats for me</div> </div>

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