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SuperSniper's Guide for Ultimate Domination
Used For/When:
Very High Wave Count
Requires at Start:
Version compatibility:
== PM ==

First off PLEASE Personal message me any results of your tests or any grammatical fixs. I had a guide I was going to post for 2.2.8b but this patch completely wrecked that idea.



The new patch (2.3.1g) has changed Mud And Blood as we know it. Many new units, the Sdfzs 222, the Goliath (sorta a unit), a new anti tank mine, many smaller fixes( flaming soldiers will die if they step on a mine or into a pond), zooks got nerfed badly( weakened tremendously, cannot fire from under camnets, and the backfire from a zook can damage units standing behind it by 1-4 points ) Airborne troopers got a lot of attention in this patch. They got a new game mode, constructions they can build ( sock bombs, and sand bag walls), and they can heal 25 health points with the first aid kit. And bunkers cannot be stacked any more. But chances are you already know every thing in the last paragraph, so I'll move on.

First issue we must deal with is the double bunker situation. Double bunkers are useless now so we must find an alternative. This is mine

SuperSniper GFUD 1.png

There are four gunners, a little bit more than there are in most strats, but they are spread out in case a one is killed by an un/lucky arty shell. Each bunker has it's own medic. Now let us turn to the zook nerfing situation. Zooks are the main AT force of 97.8% of every strategy ever used in Mud And Blood. That has been changed. I do not recommend you using them at all. There are six alternatives AT guns, Tanks, Half-Track AT gun, mines, the Land Mattress and the Siggy.


This is the first, the AT gun.

Std unit allied m3 idle.gif

AT guns have an average cost. They become very effective at higher ranks, but are not efficient by themselves. There must be many of them to be effective but since they are pretty expensive you will have to shell out a lot before you reap the HUGE rewards. First AT guns cost 8TPS that is more than we are used to paying for zooks. 8 zooks cover the entire screen if placed at the right places. 4x8 equals 32tps. With 32tps you can buy 4 AT guns more than enough for one hundred waves. But more info, as of 2.2.7b (I think) AT cannot be stacked any more. Stacking is prevented by putting an imaginary circle around the AT guns:

SuperSniper GFUD 3.png

If another AT's gun touches this AT's circle it is considered stacking. So in a perfect world you could get 5 AT guns across the bottom Like This:

SuperSniper GFUD 4.png

Since you are not in a perfect world lets assume we can get 4 across the bottom like this:

SuperSniper GFUD 5.png

Then we add one here that makes 5 AT guns in total:

SuperSniper GFUD 6.png

This is enough firepower to last at least 120+ waves easy, but we are not going to stop at good enough are we? Of course not. This is a Tank:

Std unit allied sherman idle.gif

Tanks are my second favorite anti-tank weapon. They cost 20TPS. That is a lot and many people don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I promise it is there. First off they are pretty darn invincible. The only things that can destroy them are paks and other tanks and friendly fire. They are immune to small arms fire. In recent updates Urb made tanks WAY better. They fire extremely often and their shells have a good blast radius and will destroy all vehicles in one hit and will gib a lot of soldiers. I also think the .50 upgrade is a great way to some exp for your tank and rank it up. Tanks are a must since the zook nerf. They are well worth the 20TPs. The next is the Half-track.


This is it it equipped with an Anti-Tank gun attachment:


I don't really like the half track very much. There starting price is 12TPs and for that you basically get an pretty accurate, mobile, machine gunner. Not worth it. Then you have all these options. The one I am going to talk about is the half-track AT gun. For 22Tps you can get a major tank destroying weapon. But it is not effective by itself. It is not worth the TPs until about 50xps which will take a while. The worst thing about it is its size and that it is not replaceable. I don't use it in my strat, but you can experiment with it and see how it works out for you.

The next Anti-Tank weapon I will discuss is the mine.

Std structure minegroup.gif

and this is the new Anti-Tank mine:

At mine.png

With the new patch normal mines have very low anti-tank capabilities, but Urb added a new mine, the anti-tank mine. This mine only cost 1TPs and has the same qualities of a naval artillery round. It adds more finesse needed to mine. I don't like mining because it is boring. If every thing is crumbling around you can squeeze a hundred more waves out if you are good. Summary: Probably the best anti-tank weapon available if you know how to use it right it can be very profitable. You can survive 1000 waves with 10 guys if you know what you are doing. But is the most boring thing since books were invented. I only use it when everything is gone and you want to get some more waves.

This is a Land Mattress:

Std unit allied landmattress idle.gif

The Land Mattress is a complete waste of Tps. End of Story.

The Signaler:

Std unit allied signaler idle.gif

The Signaler is the one of the best if you have unlimited Tps. Too bad we don't (kidding). A signaller is a must have in case of a V1 Blitz. But other than that it is not very efficient.


Now with that very long rambling over lets get to my strat.


First the Requirements: Close Protection ( If you are lucky) Proper Planning ( for you guys who aren't there yet I am making a regular deploy strat. Be patient.) That is it. Anything else would be nice though. As I mentioned before you must have 5 men over Battle paused sign. Since we do not have the luxury of double bunkering any more I have to find an alternative. I have come up with this ( this has been used before).

It offers the most efficiency and safety available. The only way they could be killed is by un/lucky arty shell, CQC with Brandenburg, or a sniper. It also follow the five man rule keeping your rear nice and safe. The rear has 4 regs (if you keep them) a medic, officer, engy, sniper, signaler, 5 AT guns, a tank, and 3 .50 cal machine guns. Like this:


I have found this is most efficient. For Proper Planning ( Most likely to succeed ): Step one: Advance 'till you find a screen with no trees on the bottom ¾ of the screen. Then buy an engy and an officer. Then build a camnet and place all of your regs and your officer under it like this :

SuperSniper GFUD 1.png

Note: Make sure the camnet is touching the bottom left corner. Step two: Get your engy to build two bunkers and two trenches like this:


Note:Make sure the bunkers have are placed just right on the battle paused sign:


Then buy four gunners, and two medics and place them like this:

SuperSniper GFUD 1.png

Step three: Buy a sniper and put him under the camnet.

Step four: Buy five anti-tank guns and place them from left to right as you see here. Buy camnets as needed:

SuperSniper GFUD 6.png

Step five: Buy one tank and give it the fifty upgrade and place it here:


Step six: buy three .50cals to take care of rear flankers before your defense ffs it's self:


Step seven: mining : This is just to keep everything nice and secure in the base Place mines all around like this:


A few tips for mining: 1. Do not put mines too close to those precious camnets you have. Especially those anti-tank ones. The explosion is as big as a naval artillery round. 2. Do not put them too close to the side because the Brandenburg will set it off and it would be a waste of a mine. 3.Do not step on them (DUH) After wave one hundred you can give yourself a sense of accomplishment, because wave one hundred is not very common sight after this new patch. But you are not done. Step eight: Sandbags: Sandbags don't do diddly squat to bullets but stop an explosion dead in it's tracks. Build sandbags in front of and in between every single camnet. Trust me it is worth it.

Step Nine: This step s after you have completed everything else you can do anything you want. I recommend an AAA and more tanks but that is just me.

For Close Protection: Buy 2 gunners first, then buy an engy and buy the the bunkers and trenches first then buy the camnet. Everything else is the same.

Pros and cons

Ways The Strategy Can Fall:

  • Arty Blitz:

The only thing this will destroy is about 5-6 waves of Germans. As long as you half at least 5 guys above the line they are helping you out. If you don't your dead.

  • V1 Blitz:

PAY ATTENTION TO THE GAME. If you see that you have a V1 Blitz casually call in air superiority and relax. If you come back from lunch and all of your guys are on fire don't come crying to me. If you don't have a signaler you are dead.

  • Sniper Blitz: You're fine if you call a few rounds of CAS but if you are eating lunch you are dead.
  • All other blitzes: Your troops are in for some exp. And you get free 5TPs.
  • Unfair Events: This is the only true weakness of this strategy (or any strategy for that matter). The reason is they're so unpredictable. Most of the time they can be prevented.
  • all the AT pics are courtesy of Brutalized.
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