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RedxWings' "How lucky are you feeling today?"
Used For/When:
Very High Wave Count
Requires at Start:
Version compatibility:
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RedxWing's guide- a luck-based strategy for 400+ Waves

Warning: this strategy revolves around luck. A single V1 hit will result in the demise of your entire defense. However, with some luck, this should get you past Wave 400.

Units required

These are the units you need to get prior to Wave 100, in the order in which you should get them.





Officer Std unit allied officer idle.gif 3 TP The officer is crucial to all commands, morale boosts, coordinating fire positioning, and moving troops. If he does not come free with the West Point Commendation, get him straight off, with your two gunners.
2x Gunners Std unit allied gunner idle.gif 8 TP The gunners bring the anti-infantry punch here. After about 30 exp, they are formidable foes and can quickly turn an enemy squad into mincemeat.
2x Snipers Std unit allied sniper idle.gif 12 TP The snipers are the anti-camouflage unit in this strategy, whose job is to expose and eliminate German Snipers and Infiltrators
Engineer Std unit allied engineer idle.gif 4 TP The engineer's primary role in this strategy is to build up your defenses with structures, but he can also fight quite well.
8x Bazookas Std unit allied bazooka aim.gif 36 TP(!) The bazooka is going to fulfill the anti=armour role here. 8 bazookas are needed to completely cover all of the battlefield and ensure that no tanks get through.
Signaller Std unit allied signaler idle.gif 3 TP The signaller is used to call in airstrikes and arty, and to generally make your game last longer.

Additional requirements

Pre-Wave 100


Here, you need to set up your defense which will then last you for the next 300 waves. You can find the basic underlying setup on the left (minus the bunker). Here's the colour guide:

  • Green Circle = Zooks Anti-Tank group
  • Blue Circle = Forward Assault Gunner Assault group
  • Yellow Circle = Support Medic Officer Support group
  • Orange Circle = Defense Group Brandenburg Defense group

The logic behind this strategy lies in the 'zook placements. The red lines on the image mark where the bazooka round can detonate. As you can see, virtually all of the screen is covered, thanks to the hexagonal placement of the bazookas.

To continue, then- when you start, spend your 12 TP on 2 gunners and (if you don't have the Westpoint Commendation), an officer. Hold out until you have 12 TP, then get 2 snipers.

After you've got your snipers, advance until you have max TP, or settle on a clean (no rocks/trees) field, and wait until you have max TP. Once you've got maximum TP, buy an engineer, then place a mortar pit with a camnet and a bunker with trench. It is important that you place them correctly- place the bunker as you would an Invincible Bunker, and place the mortar pit near the center of the map, about 1 tank's length above the bottom of the map. See later pictures for more details. This will cost you 20 TP.

Once you've built your structures, buy (in whatever order), 8 zooks, 1 signaller, a radar and antenna, and another camnet to cover your mortar pit entirely. Be careful about placing your zooks- they need to be in a hexagonal shape, with one zook above the bottom side of the hexagon and another below the top. This will cost you a total of 44 TP.

You should be able to have this full setup before wave 100- it costs 91TP, +/- 10, and you get a total of 105+12=117 TP by wave 100.

Post-Wave 100


When you have reached past wave 100, your main defense should be settled in nicely with very few flaws. But there comes a point in the game where the TP simply becomes too much, yet there will never be enough when you will need it. Therefore, post wave 100, all your TP will go into what I call "Doomsday Wave" Here's what I added:

  • Sniper Camp (Camnet + Sandbags)- 6TP. This is to help the snipers still survive of a lucky arty lands squarely in your mortar pit. If your snipers are 100 exp, they will be constantly available and be able to destroy all foot units. These snipers will be able to gain you an additional 20 waves if played well.
  • AAA (or 2)- 20(40)TP. These annoying AAAs on your side will serve in a minor suppression of explosives. They will be able to take down light armored units on their own, as well as any planes incoming. The AAA is my pick for the 20TP, just be wary if an enemy bike runs across your mortar pit.
  • Pillbox- 5 TP. The last resort. If your defense goes to pieces, have at least ONE MAN so that you can squeeze the last few drops of waves to boost your score. Be careful of the placement, however.
  • Quad bunker(!)- 20TP. The main purpose of the quad bunker is to always provide continuing suppression support. It would take at least 4 arties to blow up each bunker individually. A single arty will not destroy the quad bunker, keeping the gunners safe inside to keep plowing down the enemies. Always keep the quad bunker above the "Battle Paused" sign and have at least 5+ people in it at all times.

There is a special way I place my gunners to maximize the use of the quad bunker. I call it the "Tic-tac-toe Strategy" You can see how it functions in the screenshot beside. The medic is at the center of the tic tac toe, while the gunners are immediately at the sides of the medic. The frenchies, acting as a meatshield, will be above the gunners. Notice how the bunker overlaps, helping to form the tic tac toe formation.

If well played, this should get you to wave 400 and beyond. The only other threat other than the V1s, random arty, and the occasionally lucky sniper shot, would be time. You will get bored.

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