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RedxWing's Guide to Wave 100 with 95% success rate
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This guide was created by RedxWings on the forums and is super good. So good, in fact, it deserves to be here as a strategy for first timers to learn. It is a variant of the Bunker Gunner Defensive, but is different enough to deserve its own mention

Exp Planning:

Exp has to be carefully used and your main units would be your SpecOps, Gunner, and Sniper. Always call gunner first, then sniper, then SpecOps. The SpecOps must be ordered before the Gunner hits 20 exp but after he has 15 exp to ensure equal kills. Sniper kills for himself but might need a little boost

AT Measures:

Bazooka: These units are sturdy, they have a decent rate of fire, a good anti-tank measure, and cheap. However, they do have morale problems and also they love dead bodies. One bazooka shell will fly over the tank and hit something behind it or the shell will hit a dead body. If you clump bazookas together, they will all fire at the same area. Have 2 Anti-Tank Spots, one with the main group in a mortar pit, the other in the low middle. The low middle is your main AT group. Put a cam-net over it

M-3 AT Gun: Slightly more expensive, but still a good anti tank measure. These units always fire and they are immune to the corpse syndrome. They have no morale so they stay there for ever, and a very good blast radius. Need these when zooks are pinned. Have 2+ in your main AT group.

Signaler: A gamble with AT. Maybe arty works, maybe it doesn't

How to start:

Normal Deploy [ND]- Standard Start Close Protection [CP]- Advantage Start Proper Planning [20TP+] [PP]- Big advantage Start

[ND] - Advance until clear screen. Call out a gunner. Send back two of you lowest rifle men. Call a sniper in the mean time as well as an officer. Call out a Spec-ops once the gunner has attained sufficient EXP.

[CP] - Assuming that you have the free officer badge, call out a gunner and a sniper. Advance until clear screen. Train the gunner until it has attained sufficient EXP. Call out a Spec-ops

[PP] - Tactical retreat your starting soldiers by your will. Your choice if you want to keep them. Call gunner and sniper and advance until clear screen. Call out a Spec-ops once the gunner has attained sufficient EXP.

[All starts] - Buy an engineer and build a bunker to where the D is in "Battle Paused." Build a trench inside as well. Place the gunner to the right side of the bunker into the trench. Place the sniper in the lower right hand corner. You may place a comm. tower if you wish.

Then place the officer + Spec ops about 1 mortar pit length from the bottom of the screen. Place the officer in the middle and the Spec ops below him. Build a mortar pit and a cam net over them. Call out a medic and frenchie, heal the frenchie and place him into the bunker towards the left side of it. This is your primary meatshield and suppressive group.

Main Fight

RedxWings W100 1.jpg

Buy 4 zooks and a sig. Place them into the camnet. This is your primary powerhouse group. Then order your engineer to place a camnet at the middle of the bottom of the screen. Buy 2 zooks and as many ATs as you can before 100. HOWEVER, leave at least 5-10 TP before entering post wave 100. This is your main anti-tank group.

RedxWings W100 2.jpg


All my defense have been ruined, what do I do now?

This is bound to happen, but if you have your sniper and/or gunner left, you can make the best out of it. If there are Wespes on the screen, move everything above the bunker. The Wespe shells will friendly fire their own troops, so you got that covered. In the meantime, kill all troops present and hang on as long as you can.


You could, if you want, pillbox/bunker your groups to be safe. Other than that, pray for good luck. OR, concentrate fire and all around defense order until that Wespe is dead.

Who should get crates?

Well at the start of the game, the gunner. However, towards the middle of the game, the Spec-ops should, only if they are behind in EXP. Towards the end, either the gunner, Spec-ops, or sniper should get it if they haven't reached 100 EXP.

This guide is abridged. For people who want the real deal, click Here
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