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Raven's Guide to Wave 150
Used For/When:
Requires at Start:
Version compatibility:
I easily get to 150 but I'm sure you can get more because i tend to get bored and quit after a while.

I suggest you read it all else it simply won't work.



1) Close Protection mode unlocked.

2) Westpoint Commendation

3) Clean map. Trees are ok if they are not near the key spots.

Overall strat:

1) Have 2 trenched bunkers just above halfscreen, one to the left and one to the right. First bunker: 1 frenchie, 1 gunner and 1 medic Second bunker: 1 gunner and 1 medic/frenchie.

2) Have 2 cam-netted trenches with 3-4 zooks each in the bottom corners and a pillbox in the middle (it is needed for both saving officer and preventing the 2 zookposts shooting each other).

3) Sniper just above one of the 2 zookposts.

Order to buy in:

1) Buy an Engineer and a Gunner, get your squad just above halfscreen to the right, build trench and place everyone in there (officer must harvest all the safe supplies).

2) Build bunker on trench and send the Engineer to bottom-left corner, have him build cam net+trench.

3) Buy 1 zook, place him under that cam-netted trench (must be done early in case of early PAK).

4) Buy Sniper, place him in the bottom right corner.

5) Buy 2 zooks and place them with the previous zook; zookpost 1 complete.

6) Copy the same zookpost in the bottom right corner, moving the sniper slightly above it and camnet it.

7) Build the second trenched bunker; must be just above halfscreen on the left.

8] Buy gunner, 2 frenchies and a medic, send the medic and 1 frenchie to the first bunker and the rest to the second; the frenchie must be slightly above the gunner to act as meatshield.

9) Time to build the pillbox in the middle of the two zookposts, cam-net it, and place officer and engineer in it.

10) Your officer should be 30 exp and above: use morale boost on each zook.

11) Use 1 heroism and 1 morale boost on gunners.

12) Buy Signaller, place him into pillbox, build comm tower and antenna; use Air Superiority when you're about to get an airstrike.

13) Heroism on zooks in case of sniper blitz.

The final setup:


Orders to give:

1) Concentrate fire on flamers and any explosive-hurling vehicle.

2) Hold fire on engineer/officer when they are doing things such as buildings and harvesting crates.

In case of:

1) Bunker blown up: the other will still take good care of infantry, but you need to replace the other units as soon as possible in order to have 5 men above the halfscreen (this prevents tanks to shoot on your halfscreen).

2) Officer killed: Restart. Getting another to 50exp is a pain, you can try but it seems time wasted to me.

3) Zookpost blown up: You still have the other one since you morale boosted all zooks, but I suggest to rebuild the blown one too.

4) Frenchie killed: Yell "lol, frenchies!" and replace it. If you don't yell that you get 3 consecutive V1 blitzes.

You have been warned.

5) Paratrooper blitz: Hold fire on zooks, let your 2 gunners clear.

6) Airstrike/Artillery Blitz: Now that underrated Pillbox looks very fundamental, doesn't it?

7) Mobile Artillery Blitz/Panzer Company Blitz: Use concentrate fire on one tank, then immediately after the rockets are fired use spread fire. Your zookposts will shoot 16 rockets at once, destroying the entire blitz.


  • Build sandbags above zookposts and core buildings, even though I feel they are somewhat bugged or inefficient.
  • More meatshields in the enemy lines to be even safer from explosions; this safety will drain TP though.

Things to avoid:

  • AT guns: I've had 9 of these in a game and they actually let a tank pass the whole screen. They are very accurate when it comes to destroying your bunkers, though.
  • Tanks: They are explosive magnets and do friendly fire.
  • Sending your officer to harvest supplies in dangerous spots; don't be greedy, it's better to have an officer with 30 exp than a dead one. Only take the safe ones.


  • Cheap overall, compared to vehicle-heavy strats; the only expensive thing is the cam net.
  • Pretty much safe and easy to pull out even with bad luck (i.e. units with low Rifle).
  • If done correctly it counters any type of attack, flanking and Category:Blitz Waves.
  • Tears infantry and tanks to pieces shortly after they are spawned.


  • If officer gets killed in the early game you are doomed. Protect him and don't overdo it, he's not Sarge.
  • Once the 2 bunkers are placed and filled, you can only have one uncamo'd unit at once, since you already have 5 uncamo'd ones above halfscreen to prevent zook carnage; i.e. you can't harvest supplies and in the while move other units around or build stuff with the Engineer.
  • Game bugs, friendly fire.
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