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Kamykaze's Firebase
Used For/When:
Pinning the enemy close to the top
Requires at Start:
Version compatibility:
== Kamykaze's Firebase ==

This defense concentrates on pinning the enemy close to the top, with some zooks providing AT support.

Start any way you want. Get some guys near the top, about 1/4 from the top, and give 1 of them Thompson. You don't really need nades cos you gonna be just right out of the nade range too.

Right, you need 2 guys with Thompsons, so get an engineer building a mortar pit below your guys, and give him the 2nd smg. Put the officer to the top of the pit to let him serve as a meat shield (as a temporary measure). Soon they gonna rip Jerries apart at that close range.

Now fortify the pit: cam net (don't worry no nades will put it down), and sandbags.

Then get your first zook, get him collect crates in order to get him experienced. Put him to the bottom of the pit.

So far you need to have:

officer on top
smg guy and engi with smg on the sides
zook on the bottom of the pit.

Then get a sarge, he's got smg by default, so now you have 3, which pretty much should be enough to wipe everybody out who dares to enter your territory within 20 secs, and get your 2nd zook as well (get him to collect crates). 2 zooks at close range soon fills the top with wrecks.

At the end, your Firebase should look like this:

sarge at the top
smg guy and engi with smg on the sides
2 zooks on the bottom of the pit
medic in the middle (optional).
Camnet, sandbags, barb wire.

Should you get hit in the process, buy a medic. Otherwise hold those TP's back in order to get Heroism to everybody in the Firebase. Anybody gets near 120 life, buy him Heroism again. Any other units must be sent to the bottom of the map, in a bunker or at least trench covered with camnet. No explosives on the bottom please! : )

You can build some fire support on the bottom in that trench or bunker, having riflemen or gunner providing covering fire, but it's not really necessary cos 3 Thompsons must be enough to wreak havoc among the enemy.

Rest of the points should be spent on snipers or scouts to counter sniper blitzes.

Summary: Infantry dealt with Thompsons, enemy vehicles get blown up by the zooks. There will be no arty or planes cos no Leibstandarte will survive that long to report your position, thus no signaller or signaller buildings are necessary. Also in the beginning you won't have more than 6 guys for a long time. And you're using camnets anyway.

Known flaws: if a vehicle gets driven into the pit. That will distract your zooks so another vehicle entering the field can cause some chaos. You HAVE TO concentrate_fire on vehicles appearing at the top of the Firebase.

Adding value later on: more internal links, screenshots of the Firebase. Mayyybe a stronger AT solution...
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