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Lance's Invincible Pillbox Fortress
Used For/When:
Very High Wave Count
Requires at Start:
Version compatibility:
This strategy is not based on the double bunker and as far as I know is totally new.

This guide is for those veteran players out there that are looking for a somewhat different way to possibly make it to wave 1000. The main idea of this is to use a pillbox to attract enemy fire, keeping gunners in bunkers safe from all but getting put on fire.

I used Bersimon's MnB Util to show the exact placings that this strategy requires.

For the following game shots I used Close Protection as my deployment option. Free Officer included I deployed 2 Gunners and 1 Engineer.


Bunker placement

Place the bunkers as shown.The first screen-shot shows the basic bunker placing set up. It is very important that the 2 bunkers are placed exactly as shown. The protective zone must be above the middle while the hit-box is below the middle. This makes the bunkers almost invincible. Later I will tell you how this works.

Then I placed 2 trenches as shown. The trenches must be placed exactly there, 30 px above the mid-way-line and about 40 px from each side. Once this is set up you get reinforcements. I got a Sniper to stop Infiltrators before they become a problem.

The early bunker set up will help greatly against possible early paks and generally protect your men. The early set up time is crucial since the defense is not capable of taking on too big an enemy force. If a gunner or another at the moment important unit gets killed then it is better to wait before placing another bunker, for instance, and replace the missing firepower. Adapt to the situation but keep the strategic goal in mind.

In the meantime I got a Scout to get the crates near the top better, for the wave counter and anti-infantry support.
Then I moved the Engineer downward to place a cam-net in the corner. Place it 100 pix away from the middle of the field.The full size will not be needed and the closer to the side it is the less likely it will get blown up accidentally.
It is of the utmost importance to always keep at least 5, better 6 soldiers above the mid-way-line of 300 pixels, so that all support, as well as wespe shells will land in the top half of the screen.

Final setup

Build up your "command" bases in both corners as shown in the next picture. Each one includes 1 Officer + 1 Signaler + 2 Zooks + 2 snipers.
Put at least 1 Engineer in one corner and another 1 in one of the bunkers. Do not forget to build Antenna and Radar when TP is available.
Place some Mines above the Bunkers and in the middle of the field, to stop units from passing the bunker line. Place TNT in the middle of the bottom of the field to ward off Bottomburgs.

Now comes the main construction that makes this strategy truly Invincible: The Pillbox. Place as shown.

Place a Medic at the top of the pillbox, on the edge of the top. 1 unit MUST always be there to attract enemy explosive fire. He can also quickly grab crates and functions as an invincible deterrent for enemy gunners. This means that they will target him but he will never take damage.

Add AT Guns to your command bases. 50s work well too. Place these as shown towards the middle of the field but still under the cam-nets. Having to replace only 1 cam net by an unlucky strike makes this a cheap strategy that stays under the 6 men limit.

Additional advice

  • Keep your most valuable men at 200 HP and high morale.
  • Pay attention to stop V1's by pressing 4-4 !
  • Giving the bottom soldiers RG's is also effective as you can see.
  • You can also add an AAA for more ground/ air control.
  • German support will mostly help you while using this strat. You can even stay under 25 men deployed for the VC Ribbon with this.
  • Placing "command" posts in the corners avoids the LOS block of the Pillbox and greatly reduces random casualties count.
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