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Gnasher's Close Protection Guide
Used For/When:
Wave 100+
Requires at Start:
Version compatibility:
Ok, this is a long guide. So to make it easier for you, I'm gonna colour code. If you want to try the strat but can't be bothered to read everything, only read what's in RED. Everything in green is my reasoning and black (normal text) is just me rambling.

This strategy needs Close Protection (majors and up). The reason for this is that this strat is tailor made for the point in your career between 25 - 50 games. By now you should have the Defence and Assault Expert awards.

Your next targets are probably gonna be the Mud and Blood Cross (500 waves before mission 50) and the Infantry Specialist Ribbon (less than 1000 men deployed before the 50th mission) This strat tries to get you as far as possible while using as few men as possible, so you're in with a chance of both medals.

Buy a SpecOps and an Engineer straight away. (hopefully you have the Westpoint Commendation) As soon as the first German wave arrives buy a gunner.

Advance until you have 12 TP. Buy Sarge. Keep going until you reach a clear screen.

There's entire guides on advancing, but because of infiltrators + unfair events, they're all out of date. Basically, you have a decision to make. Two of your soldiers have grenades, so unching the squad in the middle of the screen will stop friendly fire. But it might mean some infiltrators sneak past. It's your call.

Collect any crates with your officer.

The battlefield theory section at the bottom of the Overview is similar to what I'm about to say - but more technical and, judging by the good grammar, possibly written by Urb.

Win the fire fight. Winning the fire fight means putting down more effective fire on the enemy than they are on you. If you're winning the fire fight, you have the initiative. You can do this in two ways: lots of ineffective troops, or a few, deadly troops who lay down effective fire on the enemy. Because this guide goes for the second option, you need to keep your troops alive, which means buildings.

Gnasher CP 1.png

Build the bunker first and put your gunner in it. Next build a mortar pit with a cam net in one of the bottom corners. The sandbags can wait.

Each pit is filled with an anti-infantry unit (Sarge/SpecOps), one AT unit (zook), an anti stealth unit (sniper) and a specialist(officer/engineer). Build the second mortar pit after the first is filled.

Throughout this use Sarge, the gunner and the SpecOps to keep on winning the firefight and keep the officer next to Sarge. He needs babysitting. Sucking eggs, I know.

Next is the field hospital. I've seen variations of this in guides before but this is a bigger investment. Simply put two medics, inside a pillbox, under a cam net, an equal distance from your other buildings.

One medic isn't worth it. This place needs a fast turn around. Injured soldier goes in, gets healed, is out fighting again. Quickly. The idea is your wounded don't die so you keep experienced troops alive and last longer with fewer soldiers. Try not to have too many soldiers in the hospital at the same time. Having both snipers or both zooks in there is a bad idea.

As a finishing touch build the sandbags and get some Frenchies in. I usually go for two so that I can rotate them. Frenchies have feelings too!

Now that you have your basic defenses, it's time for some team building exercises. Your officer should have graduated from Sarge's School of Hard Knocks (if he hasn't, he's a bad student)< with around 50 exp. So Morale Boost is going to be pretty effective. Try and get everybody over 60 morale.

Experienced officers are great. They add TP, morale and take out those pesky flanking Germans, which helps to stop unfair events. Problem is, they need help to get to a decent exp level.

Don't neglect morale. It gives you a much larger volume of fire from the same troops. Especially good for the zooks.

The build-up to wave 100 comes next. After 100, your focus needs to switch towards anti-tank. This picture is my defenses at around wave 120. There's now 3 zooks in each mortar pit. The third mortar pit was for an M3 AT Gun because I was trying a few variations. I wouldn't recommend this, as it was too close to the top and came under a lot of fire.

Gnasher CP 2.png

Use concentrate fire on any Wespes. Each time I've tried this strat, I've got to wave 150+ and last time I got to 200 before unfair events brought me down. I'm not saying it will get you as far as that, I'm not even going to give you a % success rate. Different strats work better for different commanders. But I hope this one works for you. It's also quite good for getting the survival ribbon.

Good luck, soldier!
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