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Spitz's Force Reconnaissance Advancing Strategy
Used For/When:
Wave 100+ with Infantry
Requires at Start:
Version compatibility:


The Force Reconnaissance Advancing Tactic prioritizes the use and abilities of my favorite Mud and Blood 2 unit - the Scout. It is designed as an infantry-only, guerrilla warfare advancing tactic designed to get commanders above and beyond Wave 100 without the use of defenses, vehicles or even so much as anything more than three infantrymen.

A starter Scout.

Why Scouts?

The Scout is an underrated and overpowered unit when used properly, but like Frenchies, few commanders ever see their full potential as a combat-effective infantry option. They are the American equivalent of the German Waffen SS troopers - that is to say, they have above-average speed, can fire their weapons while on the move, have a better spot radius than most comparable units and have a few hidden secrets only known or utilized by the best of infantry commanders.

These skills combined into one unit makes the Scout the perfect option for counter-blitz advancing tactics. They are also able to reveal the Enemy Wave Timer to the commander, making the timing of advances to new areas exponentially easier and preventing the possibility of moving units ahead and being caught out with a single man or a pair of infantry when met by sudden reinforcements.

Getting Started

To begin, you'll want to start with a Regular Deploy or Close Protection - the latter being the preferable option. If you start with a Regular Deploy, call in an Officer immediately and begin to Tactical Withdraw your four starting riflemen, one by one, being careful not to leave yourself without any offensive units. Hope and pray that you get at least six TP from the retreating riflemen. If not, the bonus TP for the first five waves will help you along. You may also utilize the speed and the fire-and-move ability of the Scout to capture Crates in the early waves, but keep note of the Wave 45 Threshold at all times.

As soon as you can, deploy either two or three Scouts to the battlefield and retreat any other units that you have, Officer included, using your Tactical Withdraw command. With the TP you'll be accumulating rather easily in the early waves, give all Scouts a BAR and frag grenades. Starting with a pairing of two Scouts is fine, but make sure you have a full team of three before wave 30. Having all three equipped with BARs by this point is advisable, but due to TP cost, may not be possible. Outfit the men with the highest Rifle skill first, as they'll be more lethal early on and can support the men waiting for their own BARs with effective cover fire.

Continue pushing up, spreading your three men in a spaced horizontal line, watching your wave timer closely. If you have any doubt that you won't be able to cross before the next wave hits, take a tactical pause just below the top of the screen and hold off the next wave. Scouts can fire on the move, so immediately move them towards the next area as the wave comes in. Be aware; if an enemy looks like they may survive until after all of your men have left the screen, hold back until he's been killed and then advance.

The enemy Wave Timer, revealed by Scouts.

The Wave 45 Threshold

Past Wave 45, you will be at the threshold where German vehicles will become more prevalent and the enemy waves will be increasingly difficult to face. At this point, two things become critical and failure to adhere to these tasks will undoubtedly break your advance and lead to an early game loss. It is almost mandatory to have Heroism on all three team members by this point.

First, it is imperative that you hold your line. Like a Soviet conscript, do not take one step back. Your soldiers will be earning enough TP from enemy waves and advancing and enough EXP from enemy kills that you don't need to capture any crates. If one falls behind your formation, no matter how close it is or how fast you can run to it and back, don't take the bait. It's an unnecessary risk that has the potential to ruin your game. Maintain a minimum 4 TP at all times, and use Heroism (hotkey 2-2) to heal your team members to 200 HP instantly if they are shot, hit by enemy or friendly fragmentation grenades, or otherwise wounded. Anyone below 125 HP should be healed immediately or they risk dying to high-damaging enemy attacks, such as snipers, melee attacks or grenades.

The Heroism hotkey is 2-2. Remember this for quick healing.

Dealing with Light Armor and Tanks

Depending on the type of vehicle, your Scouts may either be able to handle the challenge or may need to push past it, taking a Flanker in the process. Currently, only the Tiger Tank and Panzer IV Medium Tank serve enough of a challenge to force your team to advance past; light vehicles and emplacements such as the Opel Blitzwagen, PAK-38, Sd. Kfz. 222, Sd. Kfz. 251, Kubelwagen, Zündapp KS750 and Flak 38 can be easily taken out with effective BAR fire and grenades. Even the mighty Wespe, with enough fragmentation grenades to its open canopy, can be taken down relatively easily.

If you are facing heavy armor that is impenetrable to BAR fire and fragmentation grenades, move your Scout team within close proximity to the armor to goad it into friendly fire either on itself or its teammates. As soon as the infantry support has been dealt with, immediately advance your Scout team to the next part of the map; you should only take one flanker if leaving behind only a single piece of German heavy armor and no infantry support alongside it. As it is unlikely that you will face more than ten pieces of heavy armor before Wave 100 during an advancing tactic, single flankers from bypassed armor will likely prove no issue in a Wave 100 game unless players have allowed infantry to bypass them beforehand.

Super-Scouts and Boomspam

A 1st Lt. Scout employing Boomspam. Note the three Frags.

Once a Scout reaches 1st Lt. rank, he becomes elite and earns the ability to employ a special ability exclusive to his class - boomspam. Only prevalent in Scouts with higher experience and rarely seen being used by any Scouts below Master Sergeant, boomspam is a game bug that has been turned into an accepted tactic.

Instead of tossing the usual single frag grenade at a random interval, Scouts at higher experience rankings will regularly toss clusters of two to seven frag grenades, potentially at multiple different targets across the battlefield. This increases their ability to neutralize infantry, light armor and emplacements by an exponential amount and should not be understated. Make sure to rank all of your Scouts to First Lieutenant and keep them alive and equipped with frag grenades to utilize this powerful ability to its fullest extent.

However, note that boomspam can have lethal consequences for your men, as well - past the Wave 45 Threshold, all men should have Heroism equipped and should be monitored on a regular basis, as Brandenburg units entering from the sides of the map may cause Scouts to boomspam each other. With a 200 HP maximum, this is rarely outright lethal for any team member, but regular healing via Heroism may be required.

Guerrilla Warfare Award

If you're successfully able to utilize this tactic to blitz-advance your way to Wave 100, you will earn the Guerrilla Warfare Ribbon increasing your Tactical Points cap by 3. Note that this tactic is rarely effective past Wave 100 due to the prevalence of armor past this threshold; however, if you've saved 20 TP or more due to the lack of TP requirements in this tactic, it is possible that you can trade out this tactic for a more suitable post-Wave 100 defense tactic using your reserve points. A Sherman to back up your elite Scout team would be an ideal place to start. Reaching Wave 100 with only three infantrymen is an achievement in itself - now, go forth and see how far you can take your men!


Quick Tips

  • Heroism past Wave 45 is all but mandatory.
  • Equip your most skilled Riflemen with BARs first.
  • Equip all Scouts with frags as soon as possible.
  • Spread out to spot Infiltrators easier.
  • Make sure all infantry is clear before advancing.
  • Watch the Wave Timer carefully; time your pushes.
  • Keep an eye on the health of all members.
  • Use Heroism to heal members to 200 HP quickly.
  • Officers, after Wave 100, can reduce Flankers.
  • After Wave 100, invest in anti-tank immediately.
  • Maintain a minimum of 4 TP at all times to heal.
  • Scouts can fire and move; use this to dodge fire.
  • Don't get bogged down or halt your advance.
  • The more you advance, the less blitzes you get.
  • Germans rarely change tactics during advances.
  • The less you advance, the more enemies you get.
  • Scouts with boomspam are lethal. Period.
  • This tactic will get you the Kyoto Ribbon.
  • It will also get you Urb's Anatomy ribbon.

If you've successfully used this tactic to achieve the Guerrilla Warfare Award and/or a Wave 100 game, and especially if you've supplemented this tactic with a defensive tactic after reaching Wave 100, leave me a message here or message me on at SpitzerFX.
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