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FieldMarshall's Guide For Getting Past Wave 200
Used For/When:
Very High Wave Count
Requires at Start:
Version compatibility:
Strategy of the Month - September 2011, by FieldMarshall

Hello and first of all I would like to thank you for taking time out to read my guide.


Close Protection start
Rifle boosting ribbons
Preferably Westpoint Commendation.

Completing the units section.


These guys are your most important unit. They are superb at suppressive fire and target switching. Once they get experienced, they will become the most important AI unit, mowing down enemy infantry in there thousands. In this strat, there will be 2-3 of them above the centre line.
Another very important unit. He is not a particularly good Anti infantry unit. He will be your early/mid game crate fetcher. The reason why you need him is he gives special bonuses like remove flanker and add TP. He also gives you access to officer orders. Keep him safe; if he dies you will have to deal with a rout.
Another important unit, he quite obviously builds structures, which in this strat there is a lot of them. But he is more than just a builder. He is your right mortar pits Brandenburg/Bottomburg defence. In several testing games he has reached NCO. Keep him safe and give him a carbine if that happens.
This guy is your anti-infiltrator defence. Infiltrators are really good in CQC and can quickly accelerate your flanker count. And more flankers=more unfair events. More unfair events is more chance that you will get screwed. Once the past 50exp they also become good AI.
He is your anti tank defence. He is also far more efficient and cost-effective than an AT gun. You should have 8 of them, decimating any tanks that dare challenge you. The only real problem with them is morale. Once your officer reaches 50 exp, morale boost them to above 100 morale.


The scout is an extremely versatile and useful unit. He usually has good stats and can fire when moving. The wave counter is another great tool as you can time your crate runners. I recommend buying a scout to help you advance. Only buy one at another time if you have excess TP, or if you need additional Brandenburg defence.
Sarge is a great AI unit with some superb abilities like unpinning and morale boost. He is, however, very expensive and I would only buy one post wave 100 as recruiting before that him could interrupt your building sequence. Also, when he dies, you are going to have to deal with a massive rout.
The AAA gun is the only vehicle/emplacement I would recommend buying. It is superb at ripping vehicles to shreds and pinning/gibbing enemy infantry. The only downsides to having one are a) You are deploying even more units and b) once you buy one you cannot replace camnets/bunkers for a few waves.

Step one: Advancement.
For this strat, like most other strats, you will need a relativity clear screen. If your officer has above 30 rifle, you can leave him by himself to advance to the next screen. I do this as gunners are not the best advancing unit, there firing sequences are long, accuracy poor and is case of CQC, very poor morale. Keep advancing until you find a clear screen. If you want, you can buy a scout to help you advance.

Step two: Basic setup:
If you haven't already, buy two gunners. If neither of there rifle one of there rifle skills are above 30, buy a third. If you did take the time to buy a scout, you should keep him. If you build structures in the correct order, you shouldn't go over the 6-man limit. And after all, a scout has numerous abilities useful to any commander in any situation. Next, buy an engineer. Build half of an indestructible bunker on the center line. You should build the other half shortly. If one of your troops requires medical attention, by a medic now. Build a camnet/mortar pit combo in the bottom left hand corner. Place your officer and engineer in this pit. After that, complete your double bunker and place a medic in the bunker if you haven't got one already. If you only have two gunners, buy another medic and place him in the bunker.


Step three:Anti tank/anti infiltrator
Buy one Sniper and place him in the mortar pit. You can place him outside the pit but you can easily go over the six man limit, but it is your choice. Then fortify the pit by placing two sandbags at the top. These will help protect your pit from explosions. Once you have acquired sufficient TPs, buy two zooks and place them in the bottom corners of the camnet/mortar pit combo. Then buy a second sniper. This should easily be completed by wave 50.

Step four: Preparing defenses for wave 100+
Build another mortar pit/camnet combo with sandbags in the bottom right hand corner. Buy two more zooks and place them like in the one opposite(two bottom corners). Your engineer should stay in this pit.Now buy two more zooks for each pit and put them in the top corners of the pits. Your zook total should now be eight, more than enough to handle what the Germans can throw at you. Your anti-armor defense is now prepared. The next thing you should construct is a bunker/camnet combo, and place your officer inside it. I prefer a bunker to a pillbox as it is not as big a troops can still fire out of it. It is used for dangerous situations as well as to protect your officer. After that buy a spec ops and place him in the center of the pit where your officer was. He is that pit's Brandenburg/Bottomburg defense. The other pit's Brandenburg/Bottomburg defense is your engineer.


Post wave 100:
After wave 100, keep TP above 15. If something gets destroyed, REPLACE IT! Keep 5 men above the center line. Fortify your camnets with more sandbags. Morale boost all zooks. Even build AAAs in your mortar pits. But ultimately keep important units heroismed.

How to deal with Blitzes:

V1 Blitz:
In the case of a V1 blitz, Get a sig and call air superiority. After wave 100, you may want to have a sig in reserve.
Arty blitz:
Get all troops into the bunker. If you want, you can build a pillbox over it for added protection, but I recommend you don't.
Infiltrator/Sniper blitzes:
If you are far in the game these should be relativity easy to handle, you should only call a CAS in the case of the latter. But if one happens early on by a sig immediately! Then call Multiple CAS's.
Other blitzes:
You should be able handle all other blitzes, with spec ops being a good option if you are being overrun.


Try and keep your gunners out of CQC when advancing. They will most likely die, even against volks! Post wave 50, ALWAYS keep 5 men above the centre line. Replace missing soldiers with medics/frenchies.
Early game, your officer should be the crate runner to build up his exp.
Late game, your medic should be your "above centre line" crate runner as he is fast and he will not fire.
Do not waste TP on support unless you really need it.
Sitreps are not needed if your sig gets past 30exp. He can make fast enough calls then.
Post wave one hundred, arm your scout/engy with carbines or tommy guns.
Replace anything immediately, regardless of your TP count.
Heroism all key troops. Heroism troops again when they go under 130hp.

As it turns out, I do have internet access in Florida so I can answer questions about this strat. Once again I thank you for reading my strat and I wish you a very good day.
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