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This article relates to a strategy for an old game version. Due to the fact that the game mechanics have changed, the strategy may not work on the current version.

Here are some Strategies for those new and old. (Please remember that this is a work in progress and is likely to change)

If you have any questions on any of my Strategies, I usually hang around in the Mud and Blood IRC Channel

Heavy Weapons

Take note that this is an old strategy,so it may not be very effective in the new version. I can see it getting you to wave 50, and I will revisit it soon.

Start with the normal deployment and keep the four Soldiers and save up for an Engineer. (If you started with a Officer place him up top for the moment). Buy a Mortar Pit on the side with the best line of sight and place the Soldiers in it. Save up and buy a Cam Net for the Mortar Pit.

British HW 1.jpg

Buy a Gunner. Build a bunker in the middle and place the Gunner in it, with the Gunner at the bottom of the bunker.

British HW 2.jpg

Later, buy another bunker and place it 1/3 to 1/2 up the map on the side opposite the Mortar Pit. Place a Medic (or Frenchie) in the bunker (also if you need a Medic for your units get one now).

Please ignore the pillbox shown on the image as I was goofing around and tried it out, later I realized that they cannot see the units inside, which is very bad for meat shields.

British HW 3.jpg

Buy two bazookas and place them in the Mortar Pit. Buy an Officer (you need one, bring him down before you get the bazookas and place him in the Mortar Pit), and another Gunner and bazooka (if you feel the need to, it is not required, although I do advise this).

Buy two Anti-Infantry units (Snipers, SpecOps, Soldiers) and place them in the Mortar Pit.

British HW 4.jpg

Now you can pretty much do what every you want. I usually buy three AT’s and a Land Mattress, but the choice is yours.

Good luck!

Victoria Cross Strategy

Start out on the normal deploy and advance until you get to a clear map. Withdraw your worst Soldier and buy a Sniper. (He is here to take out Brandenburg infiltrators)

Buy a Gunner and Engineer as soon as you can. (Even if you are still advancing, as this will give them some much needed Morale and Exp, also, if you start with an Officer just buy the Engineer)

When you get to a clean map, put a Trench in the one of lower corners, and a Cam Net in it as soon as possible. Order your two best Soldiers to go to the sides (to minimize damage if a grenade hits the middle), then put the other two with the Engineer in the middle.

After you do that, place a bunker in the middle and place your Gunner in it. Buy 2 Medics (or whatever meat shield you want) and an Officer, and place them like I do.

Next, put a Sandbag Wall in front of the Engineer, and buy two Bazookas to go there. You should be at around Wave 35-40 by now.

Lastly buy a Trench, place it opposite your first one and Cam net it. You should now stack as many AT’s as you can in there, they are the only thing I buy form there on.

(Obviously there should be a Cam-Net over them, but as I took this pic, it got blown up...)

Now just sit back and watch the fireworks.

For those that have trouble reading, here is the link to a YouTube Video-> [1]

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