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AvalancheO's Basic Strategy
Used For/When:
First starting out
Requires at Start:
Version compatibility:
Alright, this is my first attempt at a strat. I am going to cover what we hate the most: getting the ball rolling when you reset or start a new game.

Face it, veterans may be amazing with the Springfield, but the recruits are pretty crappy with them (No Mud and Blood Cross). Not to mention you don't have an officer to start (No Westpoint Commendation).

Getting started

Still here? Good. As soon as your men show up, advance once. This is fairly risky, as your men might get killed in CQC, but you're gonna need all the TPs, exp, and morale you can get. Once you can afford it, buy an engineer, and get a trench going. Put it about 1/3 of the map. Put sandbags inside the trench for the soldiers. Now they have some good explosive and bullet protection. Buy a medic to buy time for the soldiers. Get an officer next. Have him collect the crates. High exp officers are badass, they become good killers, quickly add TP and morale, and cut down flankers.

Pick one of your starters (prolly the highest rifle one) to be a "support gunner". Give him a B.A.R. and keep him back. The rest are your "riflemen", give them M1s (Garands or Carbines, it doesn't matter). By now a few of your men should be ranked up, and your officer skilled. Hold out for a bit. If you want, buy some SpecOps or snipers. Most of them should be around where you put the trench. Get a bunker near the trench, buy a gunner, and move him in there. He'll deal will anything not covered by 2 tons of metal.

Digging in

Alright, mid game. Once you're ready, buy 2-3 zooks, the tanks will be coming soon. If you like the AT cannons, go ahead and buy them instead (I don't care for them much). Now that your infantrymen are decent, it's time to shift focus to anti-armor.

Once your officer is skilled enough, pull him back and have the zooks get the crates (hold fire is handy here). Skilled zooks will actually be a credit to your squad, and not a bother. Have them dispose of carriers, they'll get 1 exp for each German inside when they destroy it. Build a mortar pit and sandbags for your zooks (or cannons), to keep them safe. Now they should be able to quickly bust up a tank when you call All Around Defense.

If you wish, buy sarge. His morale boost is great at keeping zooks and infantry from being pinned/unpinning.

Hopefully your gunner is one badass mofo by now. If he is, you're set for the infantry.

Note: Do NOT forget to use camnets, air raids have ended many a game.

Holding the line

Home stretch. Now all you have to do is keep the Germans from punching through.

TPs should start accruing now. Remember, you have a high exp officer, as well as skilled soldiers, so:

  • Morale boost any units you see fit
  • Ranger train key units for deadliness
  • Play it safe, losing one man might make your defense crumble
  • Use all around defense on tanks to get those zooks firing

Now just try to avoid losing any men. Remember: You WILL be overrun, but you can take over 2,000 Germans and 100 tanks with you.
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