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There are several different values which are used to calculate how good a weapon is. Below is an explanation of the statistics.



Range is how far your weapon can fire effectively. The range is measured in pixels. As a guide, the screen is 600 pixels long by 400 pixels wide. Range can be limited by Line of Sight. Within effective range, a soldier will retain their rifle skill at normal levels. For a more visual explanation, view the excellent Range Chart.


This is the maximum damage that the weapon can do to an enemy. The actual amount will vary considerably, the minimum always being 1. A normal soldier has 100 hit points. An average rifle can do up to 100 maximum damage, although some rifles can do up to 120. A pistol, though, can only do 75 damage maximum.


It stands for Close Quarters Bonus, and is the bonus to rifle skill a soldier gets if firing within 100 pixels. Weapons with an effective range of the entire screen, including bazookas, Scoped Springfields, and Mortar rounds get no CQB.

Range Malus

This is the penalty given to rifle skill when operating a weapon beyond effective range, as many low-exp recruits do.

Reload Time

How long it takes in ticks to reload a weapon. This is generally decreased by experience. Ticks are a measurement of game time used to decide how long things such as waves and reloading last. 20 ticks are equal to 1 second. For bolt-action rifles, you must reload after every round.

Firing Rate

All weapons in Mud and Blood 2 have the same firing rate. What differs, however, is the size of each burst. Bolt-Action rifles fire at 1 round per burst whereas weapons like the Browning .30 Machinegun fire at up to 30 rounds per burst.


Anti-Personnel explosion radius: infantry and Soft Skinned vehicles take damage within this range of the explosion.


Anti-Tank explosion radius: Tanks and other armored vehicles take damage within this radius from an explosion.


Gib radius: Infantry within this radius can be gibbed.

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