Special Weapons Blitz

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Special Weapons Blitz
Takes care of the "special" infantry

This Blitz is conditionally dangerous depending on if the flamethrowers will go close to your lines. About 15 German Flamethrowers and Panzerschreck troopers appear during this Blitz. Panzerschrecks will try to aim for your vehicles and stationary turrets while flamethrowers will try to get close and burn your soldiers away.

How Do I Cope With It?

One CAS might be enough to kill most of them. Keep a good anti-infantry squad just in case, with MG Gunners and grenades.

If the CAS doesn't kill it, hope the flamethrowers don't have a shot at your Bunker(s) and kill the Panzerschreck before they fire.

Suppressive Fire is a good option for this as to pin down men from firing their weapons. MGs, Grease Guns and BARs are recommended. Dedicated killer units will pick off targets as they approach to thin out the ranks whilst the enemy charge is hopefully stalled by suppressive fire.

You may get a lucky kill and blow up a flamer's tank thereby hopefully burning many in the process due to splash damage and the incineration process where the panicking and burning flamer runs around to set alight more troops. Also it is not common for the enemy to commit friendly fire at a rather alarming (or funny) rate as the Panzerschreck at the back may hit its own troops and likewise with the flamers.

Try to kill the units near your bunkers first and All Around Defense is an useful order to kill as many troops as possible. The Concentrate Fire Order will be useful for clearing up individuals near high risk positions (bunkers, cam nets and troops). If you have turrets and vehicles make the AT units first priority with Concentrate Fire and then perhaps All Around Defense to clear the rest or as you see fit vice versa. It is recommended to attempt to take troops out the bunker if the flamers get too close as to draw attention away from the bunker and allowing the flamers an easy target.

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