Special Operations

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Special Operations
Xx deploy specialoperations.gif
Rank Required:
Lt. Colonel
Start the game with 4 SpecOps and a debt of -10 TP

This article is about a deployment mode. If you're looking for the unit, view SpecOps instead.

"Special operations. Start with 4 spec ops but your initial tactical score will be -10. Must be Lt. Col to use this option."
— Official game quote

Unlocked after Close Protection, few prefer this starting option as it gives the least amount of customization (no TP to build a squad at the beginning). It replaces your 4 regulars with 4 SpecOps and a debt of -10 TP.

What Is It Like?

At the beginning, a massacre. SpecOps come battle-trained and can make Swiss cheese out of the Germans with their M3 Grease Gun. Later on, the lack of tactical points will slow progress when building defenses.


Seeing as relatively few use this mode, there aren't currently any tried and true strategies. A guess might be at creating a flanked bunker and keep the Spec Ops in the trenches, with some cam-nets, perhaps.

Another strategy that is to send the squad into cover, save enough TPs to buy a tank, then place the tank in the front and spread out the Spec Ops in the back to kill any enemies that manage to get behind the tank. When one of the SpecOps dies, replace him with a bazooka and send him in line with the tank. When the second SpecOps dies, replace him with a flamer and send him to the back. You should equip the Spec Ops with BARs and Tommy Guns. If you have many points and your tank hasn't blown up (like that's going to happen), get an engineer and build a cam-net and send your Spec Ops there to wait for enemies. Then place barbed wire and mines behind the tank. One way to regain the lost TP is to advance as much as you can. Spec Ops do move quicker than the Soldier.



Fun Facts

  • If you look at that debt of -10, you might notice a discrepancy. On regular deployments, you get 4 regulars worth 12 TPs for free. The 4 spec ops, costing 20 TPs, would have set you back to -8 only. The extra cost of 2 TPs is explained by the fact that having these units right from the start, as opposed to acquiring them 15 waves later, will give you an immediate early advantage.
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