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Allied Unit
Spec Ops
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No specialty icon
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Starting equipment:
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp Morale Speed
100 25-50 0 20-50 14px/s
A commando who is skilled at combat with any weapon.

Spec Ops: These troops are elite soldiers that excel in combat, and usually come with better rifle skill and more morale points than ordinary soldiers. They move faster than normal troops and come armed with an M3 Grease Gun and grenade.

Can be distinguished from ordinary soldiers by their red berets. As High-Profile targets, they are great bullet magnets, usually attracting more enemy fire than regular soldiers. They cost 5 TP each, considered bargain by many.

The SpecOps is a Special Operations soldier, and he comes into play "ready-to-rock". He carries the M3 Grease Gun and grenades, as well as having the benefit of extra training. This gives him a better Rifle Skill than a standard Joe on initial deployment and helps him stomp the enemy into a mud-hole and keep them there.

The SpecOps will not flee, even at negative morale. He is one of the faster units on the field, having a move rate better than an Officer. At higher levels they will throw their grenades more often, which is a good thing, unless you have them at the bottom of the map.

A good choice at lower ranks is to give a SpecOps a BAR machinegun for its high damage and great kill ratio. Later on down-grading the weapon to Springfield may prove to be beneficial due to the weapons single-shot bolt-action providing high accuracy, high damage and rapid fire allowing far higher amount of kills.

However, these soldiers can cause the exp-hog effect. This is when a soldier that has an early advantage becomes 100 exp and takes the possible kills from other soldiers, although the SpecOps can no longer earn exp. To counter this, many players don't order SpecOps until other troops can get their own kills.


After a long controversy about this, we now have an answer.

Urb has stated that though they are based on the SAS, they are coded as American units.

However, the nationality in question is still not 100% known, as this could mean that they are S.A.S. but behave like American units. This could vary by someone's point of view.

Fun Facts

  • Some people think that SpecOps are the Allied twin of the German 1st. SS Leibstandarte.
  • SpecOps are practically a meat grinder if max ranked and armed with a BAR and explosives.
  • SpecOps will throw grenades 1.5x faster than normal unit, and when max ranked they will throw 2x faster. Some people call it 'BoomSpam'.
  • SpecOps love to throw grenades at enemy vehicles. Especially filled ones.
  • Most people will give Heroism to their SpecOps, to ensure that they hang around to keep the Germans diving for cover.
  • They are the only non-regular type of unit to have an entire game mode devoted to them.
  • There were no "spec ops" in WWII, they were called commandos.
  • SpecOps are said to be better at CQC (Close-Quarters-Combat) than your average grunts. (because of higher average starting morale)
  • No one for sure knows which division, regiment or battalion they come from, as they could be from America's PIR, parachute/glider commandos from the 1st Parachute Division, or even soldiers from the joint-operations First Special Service Force also known as the Devil's Brigade.
  • SpecOps are the only units in the game with a RED hat.
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