Sniper Blitz

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Sniper Blitz Wave
alot of Snipers.
Seems like nothing is going on. Then you get 5 TP and don't see anything. Then you hear the screams. German Snipers are formidable treats.
The snipers were quickly mauled by 3 CAS strikes

A scary blitz wave, a small to very large number of snipers storm the field. In case you forgot, snipers:

  • Are invisible until they shoot;
  • Usually kill in one hit;
  • Don't move down the field, but rather stay and provide support;
  • One can single-handedly take out a squad.

How Do I Cope With This?

A good way to kill the hidden snipers is to call an Arty Strike, then after the shells start to fall on battlefield, Aerial Close Support. After that, leave the job for your soldiers, unless you really think they won't kill the survivors. If so, simply call a Bomb Drop, and your problems are solved.

An alternate, more fun way to kill them is to have flamers at the top of the map, and the snipers will face death by incineration. Your flamers will too, but it's funny so that's alright.

Regardless, you should always keep a few Scouts and Snipers on hand, to mop up the surviving snipers and keep them at bay until the support comes in.

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