Small Squad Tactics

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Small Squad Tactics is the premise Mud and Blood 2 is based upon, given its title and repeated references to it within the game. Although "small" is an arbitrary value, for our purposes we can let it denote a squad of less than 20 members, the way most MnB2 games are played. In small squad tactics, the commander has a much greater physical control of the situation, able to readily give out orders to his/her men when changing the tide of the battle. In contrast, Large Squad Tactics have a commander who is usually far away from the battle, or who commands through a chain of command of officers below him, and such commanders require a much more tactical outlook to see the "bigger picture", the ultimate goal of the war.

Small squad tactics usually involve small group of men, platoon, made from either the same division/battalion troops or group of men gathered from the survived scraps of previous squads. Large squad tactics usually mean battalion or division, often divided to large amounts of squads and platoons commanded by officer or general. Stage above that is general controlling 1 or more armies in large area.

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