Six Man Rule

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NameSix Man Rule.
Applied when:Throughout entire game.
EffectsAdds more enemy soldiers and air support if broken.
DescriptionTo prevent you having massive amounts of men on the battlefield, Mud and Blood has a rule called the 6 man rule. If you have more than 6 men on the battlefield that aren't under camnets after wave 10, there is an x/3000 chance per second that the Germans will do something bad to you, where x is the amount of men you have on the field who aren't camnetted. If you've got more than 12 unhidden soldiers on the map, each soldier counts as 10 soldiers.

This only happens if there are 6 men visible, otherwise it's turned off. Units of the 1st. SS Leibstandarte deactivate your camnets for 10 seconds, which, as you can imagine, can be lethal.

So, if you had 16 Frenchies on the battlefield, after wave 10, each second there would be a 160/3000 chance that the enemy would do something bad to you, which means that after around 19 seconds, then it's virtually certain that something bad has happened.

However, blitz waves can carry artillery or V-1's, even if you are under 7 men. These should not be mistaken for bugs, as Blitzes are random and brutal.

Note: All vehicles count as 1 man. Have fun designing your entirely mechanised assault...

Possible events

These are the things that could happen if you go over the 6 man rule:

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