Silver Star

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Silver Star
Silver Star.jpg
Survive through 80 enemy Waves.
Gives an additional 2% chance to start with a free soldier, so, with the Bronze Star, you have a total chance of 3%.
Real Life Medal?

See also Bronze Star and Gold Star.

The soldiers waited nervously, the shattered remains of wave 79 lay, dead on the battlefield before them. Their scout, the most observant of them all yelled "Wave 80 inbound! Lock and load!" As they readied their weapons for the onslaught they heard a trumpet call, they looked around, searching for the mysterious bugle blower. Then they looked up, high above their heads shone a star, not just any star, but a silver star!

To obtain this medal you must survive to wave 80, this medal gives you and additional 2% chance to start with an extra soldier, a medium medal to get this can be done in your first game with a good strat.

Note: this medal employs the Logical Wave Counter, which may differ from the Visible Wave Counter.

Real Life

The Silver Star is the 4th highest award in most branchs of the military.The Silver Star was first awarded before WWII, in 1932.It is awarded for gallentry in the face of the enemy.

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