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Std command 1unit 07signaler.gif
Allied Unit
Std unit allied signaler idle.gif
No specialty icon
X class signaler.gif
Starting equipment:
Springfield, Radio Pack
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp Morale Speed
100 1-20 3 10-30 6px/s
Very slow, used to call in air support and artillery. Enables some Support options immediately, some need officer; prioritized by enemy fire during calls.

The Signaler or sig, is one of your most important utility units, along with the Officer and Engineer.

Having Signalers provides many benefits, such as the ability to cancel out enemy airstrikes, as well as to call in paratroopers, artillery, and even Naval Artillery.

However, Signalers are seldom used in most strategies because of their bulky gear, tendency to die quickly, and need to have at least 10 kills to be able to make semi-fast calls. One of the signalers' main problems is that they are extremely slow.

A wave or two can pass while he tries to reach his destination. He is slow because of the large pack attached to his back, also when making calls, he becomes a high priority target for Germans.

Unless you're worried about your cam-nets being blown away you shouldn't worry about having a Signaler.

If you do choose to have a Signaler, make sure he has an antenna to speed up communications with the base to a reasonable speed.

The signalers' ability to kill is often overlooked, as most people buy them just for their support-calling ability.

A strategy not widely used, but still effective is to continuously call sitreps to increase signaling exp and thus make calls faster with the added bonus of more combat skill and the possibility of getting the Chain of Command Ribbon, however, as of the latest version, Patch 2.3, you cannot spam sitreps as they now have a cooldown which may last a few minutes. After this the signaler may often be the highest level unit. However, signalers have a hard time leveling up from exp gained from calls, and usually they require kills or crates to bring them to the next rank. Combat Leadership works for that last missing exp point.

The choice of weapons may be to simply give him a Rifle Grenade in order to compliment high fire rate with a Springfield due to ranking up or perhaps a BAR to start harassing the enemy.

First off, they start with 3 exp, almost as much as an officer, although they still rank up at 10 exp. They do move 40% slower than Soldiers, but can still kick butt when loaded with a BAR, just as any soldier can. Also, if given the M1 Garand (and if there's not much competition for kills, usually early in the game) they tend to rack up exp fairly quickly within the next 10 waves and radio options are executed within 3-5 seconds, and as they gain exp, they make calls faster. When they reach 100 exp, they will make incredibly fast calls.

On an opposite note, their calls may take a long time to go into effect, and, if they become pinned, the call is cancelled. Also, if you Concentrate Fire while they are calling, the call is cancelled and they shoot. The same thing will happen if you tell him to Hold Fire. This isn't a big problem though, as your TP is only taken away when the call is completed.

Fun Facts

  • Signalers (RTO) were in MnB Vietnam and were used to call in air-strikes and ammo drops.
  • If you attain the Meritorious Unit Commendation, the signaler will still be equipped with a Springfield.
  • Will obtain 1 EXP from making successful calls and thus level up quickly if radio procedures are regularly used (the aforementioned sit-rep spam, for example) and may lead to a surprisingly good unit late game.
  • The Signaler is the slowest unit in the game.
  • When he dies he leaves his radio box on the ground.

Real Life

The Signaler or Signaleer was one of the most top-priority foot soldiers in the field of war. Why? Because the enemy knew what they were capable of calling in. With the right intel in hand; one call is all it takes to demolish an entire platoon or even company of enemy soldiers. Signalers are the men who carry the portable radio that is able to call in artillery fire or airstrikes from above. They were feared for their capabilities and could relay messages to other allied signalers when under attack.

Modern Signalers use far more advanced equipment and are responsible for much more than just calling in and sending messages/requests.

Real signaler at radio antenna
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