Search and Rescue Ribbon

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Search and Rescue Ribbon
Search and Rescue Ribbon.png
Rescue 100 downed pilots.
Further rescued pilots have 1% chance to give 5 TP's.
Real Life Medal?

The cruelty of battle is well-known to all real squad commanders. Although aerial attacks give a much-needed advantage, there exists the chance that an airplane can crash, leaving the pilot to bail out. If such a pilot manages to successfully land from his quick experience as a paratrooper, he will remain tangled in ropes on the ground.

The U.S. Air Force is willing to reward those few commanders who have enough kindness to remove an injured pilot from the heat of battle. Pilots are German (Luftwaffe), and bringing one back to safety will gain you that nice warm feeling. Bringing 100 to safety will get you recognition by the Air Force, and a 1% chance that your commanders will reward you with 5 TP.

To get this medal, shoot a airplane with your AAA cannon with a small chance that the pilot from the airplane will land like a paratrooper, just walk over the pilot like a crate to save him. Repeat this 100 times for the medal. Many say that the reward isn't very good, as German pilots rarely bail out of their planes and you have a low chance of being able to get the TP anyway.

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