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Std command 1unit 11scout.gif
Allied Unit
Std unit allied regular idle.gif
No specialty icon
X class scout.gif
Starting equipment:
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp Morale Speed
100 10-25 0 10-30 16px/s
Fast moving; can shoot while moving; shows enemy wave timer; chance to add 1 round to artillery; spots enemies for Mortar fire.

Scouts look just like ordinary soldiers, but they have very different features.

They walk faster than all troops except Medics and Jeeps, and can fire while walking, just like the German SS troops, and come with an M1 Carbine (although this starting weapon will be replaced by the M1 Garand if you have the Meritorious Unit Commendation). They also display the progress of the next wave of Germans to come, so you can plan accordingly. These traits make the scout very useful for strategies that involve advancing. The scout costs 6 TP.

Scouts can also can spot enemies for Mortars, allowing them to fire without a direct LOS, and potentially increase any Arty strikes that you call by 1 round.

Scouts are excellent anti-infantry units once they rank up. They can fire volleys of up to 5 grenades/rifle grenades (This is commonly known as boomspam). Keeping the starting Carbine as the Scout's weapon is a good idea, but giving him a tommy gun or BAR is a good choice for suppressive fire.

Although scouts are supposed to be capable of detecting infiltrators within a 200 pixel radius and spotting enemy snipers, neither of these features have been implemented as of the current patch.

Fun Facts

  • If you, for instance, sent a scout back to your lines after collecting a crate, you will see him sometimes "aiming" and "firing" at your line, and then see seemingly random bullet holes appear near an enemy. This is because a backpedal/fire animation hasn't been added yet.

Real life

Scouts were used as far back as ancient times to the present date and are used to report on enemy positions, strength etc and make life easier for the side they are on by giving useful intelligence to commanders, to help plan an attack etc.

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