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It must be holiday season and you must have been a good kid this year, or no Santa for you, just a whole lot of U.R.B.
Hey, it's Santa...let's gib him!

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goo..." - Santa during the moment he was hit with a grenade.

Yes, this is not the nickname of some devilish type of sock bomb or perhaps a new liquid nitrogen gun. The 40ies were a more innocent time.

Santa Claus manages to find time in his schedule to drop by near Mortain, France, and wish everyone a merry Christmas. Being the jolly old man that he is, he'll bob around the field effused in his mind with the merriment and choruses of children singing carols, simply refusing to acknowledge that there's anything happening at all in the snowy landscape that, to everybody else, is a @#!*%ing battlefield.

Santa will walk around the battle field in a pattern similar to that of a flaming soldier. He will make sharp turns and will move around randomly. Also, when you pause the game, (As of patch 2.2.7a), Santa will keep on moving.

Such foolhardiness may end up being very costly to him, but it might well turn out to be profitable to you.

Keep in mind that when snow starts to appear on the battlefield, Santa is getting close to coming...

Fun Facts

  • Santa can appear even if you've already gibbed him before. Gibbing him again will not give you anything apart from satisfaction at the unhappiness of millions of children worldwide on Christmas morning.
  • You can use TNT to blow him up, but mines are ineffective unless someone else steps on them and Santa is caught in the gib radius.
  • He is the fattest man on the battlefield.
  • When a Santa is gibbed you will see his unique Santa body parts flying all over the sky such as boots, presents, and his hat.
  • Santa is the only neutral unit in the game, everyone else is too busy killing each other.
  • Santa will leave eventually after a while, but you've got more then enough time to gib him unless you're being overrun.
  • Santa will come only once per game.
  • The odds of Santa appearing is 1/200 per wave.
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