Ribbon Of Unfairness

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Mud and Blood: Because war is not fair. -Front page
Ribbon of Unfairness
Have 1,000 Unfair Events called on you.
Further unfair events have 1% chance to get 1 TP; a ton of respect
Real Life Medal?

Well, the name is no misnomer. This ribbon is just plain unfair. True, it gives the somewhat useful (or useless) reward of getting 1% to get 1 TP every unfair event, but not many people see 1,000 of them to begin with. Even if you do, this medal is no help if you don't actually survive. A medal that the elite, or somewhat elite get. Very few have received this extreme honor.

With the addition of the stats page, it is much easier to keep track of how many Unfair Events you have faced.

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