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~Shark repellent  
~Shark repellent  
~An AK-47 which he never uses also

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Red Toolbox
Xx mech toolbox.gif

Std unit allied mechanic idle.gif

There's our Mechanic! He carries the crowbar of Gordon, the monkey wrench of Mario, and all the utilites of Batman's belt! Keep in mind this box is NOT locked and everything may fall out in case of a blitz.

Here you can list anything and everything that's rumored to be in the Red Toolbox:

~Spare screws, nails, springs, gears

~A half eaten sandwich

~A hammer

~Spare magazines and clips

~A wrench

~A screwdriver

~A sausage measure stick

~A can of diesel

~English-German dictionary

~A white flag

~His girlfriend's panties

~A porn magazine (he reads it when he's pinned)

~The complete noob's guide to fixing virtual vehicles

~A guide of call of duty:world at war

~A chainsaw

~A derringer for emergency suicide

~A light sabre!( He never uses it) may the schwartz be with you cause your going to need it!

~Some moulding cupcakes his girlfriend sent him a year ago

~Shark repellent

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