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We need Recon Ranks Here too! I know some, but not the exp requirements.--Joacobanfield 11:59, 8 October 2014 (UTC)

Ummm..... I am not sure what you are talking about. As far as I am concerned, those are already there, despite being unconfirmed. --Hyyppa

Soldiers rank system

The Grunts Rank system was accurate! This is based of in game info, current in game info!

(0-4 exp) – Private
(5-9 exp) – Private 1st Class
(10-19 exp) – Corporal
(20-39 exp) – Sergeant
(40-79 exp) – Staff Sergeant
(80-159 exp) – Sergeant 1st Class
(160-319 exp) – Master Sergeant
(320-beyond exp) - undefinded rank but most likely First Sergeant as next Rank up in the US Military!
  • please note that private E2 no longer is applicable( It probably still is coded in but isn't used) and so I say that it's Private First Class based of MnB2 rank system. From my point of veiw this is a confirmed list

Lord Mountbatten

I haven't played Recon lately but I have not seen any evidence about the Private E2 rank having been removed from the game. Your personal point of view is irrelevant regarding any wiki content if it does not have any facts backing it up. Find evidence which can not be argued against and I will personally edit the list. Remember that United States Army has two Private ranks before Private First Class rank (PVT and PV2). --Hyyppa

I have been talking to Urb he says the exp is correct but he said this "private (no hook)(e1), then private with a hook (e2), then corporal (e4)" he doesn't mention e3? so all info is correct and double confirmed Lord Mountbatten

I still consider this to be a contested issue. If the rank of Private First Class along the rank specific insignia have been removed un-announced, the current list is the complete and accurate one. I slightly doubt it until I hear it personally from Urb himself. I will return to oversee this in the nearby future. --Hyyppa
I to think that it is odd that it has been removed, I noticed this after a major updated Lord Mountbatten
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