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Support weapons are individual fighters or teams with heavier weapon systems available than the enemies you normally encounter in the jungle. Their role is to, from a safe distance, add an extra punch to the attack either by providing anti-tank support, heavy machine gun fire or indirect fire. There are currently 8 different types of support teams in Recon, with a 9th unit planned.

NVA soldier aiming a DShK at a helicopter.
  • DShK (pronounced 'Dishka'), static heavy machine gun usually for a defensive position manned by a single NVA soldier, often with other supporting troops.
  • RPG 2, a single man equipped with a RPG. If the RPG is fired form a distance or the commander is quick enough, the team can be ordered to move away from the projectile. The Ranger team will call out when an RPG is fired. Capable of engaging helicopters, but its low velocity means it rarely hits.
  • 60mm mortar teams, 2 to 4 man crew with a mortar. VC fighters with radios can call in mortar support if there is such weapon available in the AO.
  • Sniper, armed with a scoped semi-auto SVD sniper rifle. Your Rangers will call out that they are being engaged by a sniper. Has the capability to engage Rangers from very long ranges, often exceeding 550 pixels (screen width), but his accuracy is poor at such ranges.
  • Dog team, a trained tracker dog with a group of NVA soldiers. The unit attempts to find the commanders Ranger through following tracks or by following their scent. Avoiding the teams is highly important.
  • PK teams, high power yet light machine gun crew with 1-2 men, currently not implemented.
  • NVA Jeep, fast vehicle with a mounted MG.
  • SPG-9, static recoilless gun usually in a defensive position manned by 1-2 NVA soldiers.(Introduced in 1.0x)
  • BTR-60, a lightly armored APC equipped with a KPVT machine gun that fires small explosive rounds. The vehicle also carries a small detachment of NVA that dismount from the APC to provide support. Impervious to all small arms fire and highly resistant to hand grenades and 40mm grenades. Direct hit from an M72 LAW, airstrike or arty round will destroy it. Like other vehicles, Bird Dog will most likely report it entering the AO.
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