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US Weapon
Sten Mk2
Weapon stats:
(mouseover the icons for explanation)
Maximum damage; the minimum is always 1 Effective firing range, in pixels (for reference, the game viewing area is 550px wide by 450px tall) Firing rate; the higher, the better Magazine size Reload time, in ticks (20 ticks = 1 second); the less, the better
70 95 5 32 100
Bulk value (1 bulk = about 1 pound) Jam chance, in %. Once a weapon is jammed, it will need to be un-jammed, taking time. Number of clips coming with the weapon (when these run out, you will need to replenish ammunition at an ammo box) Recoil of the weapon, which affects accuracy of consecutive shots; lower is better Gib explosion radius; area of the blast that blows all organic units caught in it to pieces
6 0.4% 6 3 N/A
Unlockable By:
Achieve Major Rank
Achieve Major Rank
Fairly large clip size, low jam chance/recoil, Lightweight
Low damage/range
A no frills Submachine Gun

The Sten Mk2 is a British weapon designed for recon crews, trading out range/damage for reliability, lower weight, and a larger clip size. It is a fairly good all-round weapon, requiring no particular traits.

Real Life

The Sten Mk2 was a weapon born out of necessity during WW2. The British, unable to import enough Thompson submachine guns were unable to field a light automatic weapon in large numbers. As a result, the War Ministry commissioned a project to produce a domestic product. The Sten was the outcome and reflects an austere design principle. Manufactured from stamped metal and uncomplicated, this weapon was produced en-masse and went on to arm many troops (conventional and unconventional) throughout WW2. Its appearance was quite strange and earned many monikers such as the "Stench Gun" or "Plumber's Nightmare". Despite some manufacturing inconsistencies, a well made and maintained Sten was an effective weapon (and was documented to be in limited use by US forces). Its British donation and adoption by Israeli forces eventually resulted in the development of the Uzi SMG.

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