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Even the best commanders will have to face the situation where a Ranger requires immediate medical treatment. Such situations require quick thinking under pressure. Deciding the best course of action during these moments is a key factor in keeping these Rangers alive.

Rangers are incapacitated when hit and drop to 25 HP or less. Incapacitated Rangers will bleed out, gradually losing health until stabilized. Other Rangers must carry the wounded man and can stabilize the wounds using medical equipment carried into the mission. The chance of successfully stabilizing the Ranger is dependent upon the equipment used and the skill of the Ranger applying the first aid. Along with varying chances of success, the amount of time the wounded ranger remains stabilized varies upon on the equipment used. The time is calculated according to the following formulas:

  • Morphine: ((1+ medic skill/2)*5) seconds
  • Field dressing: ((1+ medic skill)*5) +5 seconds
  • IV: ((2+ medic skill)*5) +10 seconds

For example, a Ranger with 3 points in medic will stabilize a Ranger for 12.5 seconds with morphine, for 25 seconds with bandages or for 35 seconds with the IV bag.

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