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The squad customization screen is the last step before the deployment and where the commander assigns gear and skills to his squad.

The screen is presented with two helicopters flying full speed towards the AO. Although we all know that equipment was not normally assigned during the flight into the AO, this screen is used for aesthetics. In order to equip and assign skills to your Rangers, just click on a soldier in one of the chopper (don't forget about the two Rangers in the rear too!). Assign the desired gear and skills then select another one. Repeat this process for all the soldiers. Once you are happy with your setup hit go to start the mission.

When selecting a soldier, by default you will see his name, his gear and his rank. Also you will see three options on the right side: Gear , Skills and Go.

An example of the squad customization screen.


This menu allow the commander to assign specific items to his Ranger. To change the item, simply click on the icon and the next piece of gear in the cycle will appear. Every soldiers have 4 inventory spaces. It is advised to keep an eye for the bulk value of your soldiers. If you want to learn more about a specific piece of gear have a look at the equipment or weapons page.It is important to note that at least one soldier in your squad must have a radio.


A soldier get a skill point per rank. When you get a fresh soldier he has one skill point to be assigned. You cannot proceed with the mission until all your Rangers have their skill points assigned. In order to assign a skill point click one of the four soldiers, and then select skill on the right menu. You will then be presented with a skill panel where you can assign points to your Ranger by clicking the desired icon. To learn more about skills, have a look at the skill page.


Once you are happy about the gear and the skills of all your Rangers, hit the go button. This will bring you to the deployment screen and the action shall commence. The game will not proceede to the deployment if you have some Rangers that have undistributed skill points and/or your squad doesn't have a Radio.

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