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When coordinated properly, C130 Spectre gunships deliver a considerable payload in a short timespan

Spectre is the ultimate weapon of area denial available to the commander. The gunship provides the Rangers on the ground the possibility to utterly devastate everything within a given section of the map with powerful cannon fire. Once targeted and ordered to fire, the Spectre bombs a given map grid with 10 105MM and 15 40MM shells easily destroying anything in the area. This support option is extremely useful in dealing with large hostile concentrations such as major fortified positions or groups of assets. Of course, it is important to maintain a safe distance in order to avoid Friendly Fire as it is a more spray fire option but highly effective in knocking out areas of a high concentration of VC.

The radio has following radio options:

  • Define Killbox: Allows the commander to define the map grid to be bombarded by the strike. A numerical coordinate is provided first after which alphabetical coordinate is used to determine the strike zone.
  • Request Strike Package: Commands the Spectre to open fire on the given area. The plane will not fire on the entire killbox, but rather on a random, screen-sized portion of it.
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