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Along the basic assets, the VC have built some more specific structures in order to support their forces. Some of these act vastly different than basic ones or have special uses which can change the tactical situation.

Re-transmit site

A radio tower providing better radio network for the VC command posts. Otherwise un-remarkable to other assets, but if a Ranger with a radio is brought to the site, the radio can be connected to the tower. Such action allows the team to listen VC transmissions in order to find out their call signs; if successful, the commander gains 5 intel. The site can be searched for intel and/or destroyed like other assets.

As of the current version, if the radio is set to retransmit and the radio is within 200 pixels of the radio relay, for each message is relayed to HQ, you will receive 5 intel points.

Critical Location

Critical Location, CL, is a site of importance located somewhere in the AO, for example a possible place to set up a firebase or known VC staging ground. Every reccee will have one critical location in the AO to find, but it isn't mandatory to find it. Locating it currently does not grant any additional benefit and is nothing but an optional side-goal.

In later versions, finding critical locations in the AO grants additional exp and eventually a ribbon which increases said bonus. In the long term, locations found begin to affect the game play by changing various parameters of the game,for example enemy numbers, their armament and HQ radio signal strength. Once implemented fully, critical locations will grant the commander a way to directly effect the surrounding battlefield conditions.

Trap indicator

Trap indicator is a sign left by the VC to allow future forces in the area to locate the deployed traps so their allies know to avoid them. A Ranger can examine the indicator in an attempt to use it to locate the traps in the nearby surroundings. If successful, the traps will be located, revealed and effectively neutralized in the immediate area up to size of 1000 px. Higher demo skill increases the chance of success.

Radius of a successfully interpreted BTI on a orange heat level map

Booby trap indicator

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