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Silent Ops
Cover 50% of the AO without being detected by the VC's.
Unlocks Silenced M-16.
Real Life Medal?

Silent Ops Ribbon is currently one of the most wanted, and most challenging, ribbons known in the game. It is very difficult to remain un-spotted by the VC's and only experienced players can achieve this. The reward mirrors the difficulty and the new weapon is a great tool for further reccees.

This ribbon is especially difficult because enemies will not notify you when you are spotted, and even when you are spotted they do not always shoot. Tips on getting the ribbon are below.
  • Have a low heat score - this is crucial! High heat means well-trained enemies which can spot you, and more traps which can hinder the speed of your progression
  • You can still kill enemies and receive this ribbon, provided you kill them before they can spot you. Thus, spot skill is highly valuable.
  • When you hear noises such as humming or talking in Vietnamese, it means enemies are nearby (but you are not given a direction). Proceed with caution.
  • After a very tense and stressful 50% AO patrol, most players start being sloppy with their stealth tactics. Do not do this! Returning to the LZ and extracting is the hardest part of receiving this ribbon, because enemy patrols almost always are stationed at the LZ. It is likely that you will have no choice but to neutralize these patrols, either by a takedown or with guns from a distance. Many players can perform a spotless recee only to botch the extraction and lose their chance at this ribbon.
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