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Rangers gain exp on the field through multiple different ways. The most common ways are spotting targets, killing hostiles and calling for support. Stabilizing a Ranger also grants experience for the trooper. All of these actions grant 1 exp point making it highly lucrative tactic to ignore heat in order to train the Rangers by openly hunting down hostile fighters. Exp improves the combat efficiency of the Ranger and at certain thresholds gives the Ranger additional skill point to be used to improve their skills in various fields.

Below is a list of ranks along their exp requirements for the Rangers. Every rank grants the Rangers 1 skill point.

  1. Rank1.gif (0 exp) – Private (E1/PVT)
  2. Rank2.gif (5 exp) – Private (E2/PV2)
  3. Rank3.gif (10 exp) – Corporal (E4)
  4. Rank4.gif (20 exp) – Sergeant
  5. Rank5.gif (40 exp) – Staff Sergeant
  6. Rank6.gif (80 exp) – Sergeant 1st Class
  7. Rank7.gif (160 exp) – Master Sergeant
  8. NA (320 exp) – First Sergeant

  • Currently the rank of Private 1st Class appears to not be part of the Recon Ranger rank list.


The player gains xp through completing reccees and eventually entire missions. The xp gained is added together to determine the thresholds for promotions.

  1. Rank8.gif (0 XP) Second Lieutenant; M-16, M1 Carbine and shotgun.
  2. Rank9.gif (5,000 XP) First Lieutenant; XM-177, M3 and M60.
  3. Rank10.gif (20,000 XP) Captain; BAR and Stoner
  4. Rank11.gif 40,000 XP) Major; Sten and Thompson
  5. Rank12.gif (90,000 XP) Lt. Colonel; FN FAL
  6. Rank13.gif (150,000 XP) Colonel; M16M203
  7. Rank14.gif (300,000 XP) Brigadier (1-Star) General
  8. Rank15.gif (600,000 XP) Major (2-Star) General
  9. Rank16.gif (1,000,000 XP) Lieutenant (3-Star) General
  10. Rank17.gif (2,000,000 XP) (4-Star) General
  11. Rank18.gif (3,000,000 XP) Mud and Blood (5-Star) General
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