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Rangers in Recon are not your average soldiers

In Recon the men that constitute your squad are part of the 75th Regiment. They come from various backgrounds from cook to infantryman. Regardless of their background all members of your squad is a qualified Ranger from the Recondo school and a highly motivated warrior. Since they are multi trained, Rangers are able to perform most actions in the battlefield with a decent chance of success (30%) without including specialities.

Throughout history, the need for a small, highly trained, far ranging unit to perform reconnaissance surveillance, target acquisition, and special type combat missions has been readily apparent. In Vietnam this need was met by instituting a Long Range patrol program to provide each major combat unit with this special capability. Rather than create an entirely new unit designation for such an elite force, the Department of the Army looked to its rich and varied heritage and on 1 February 1969 designated the 75th Infantry Regiment; the present successor to the famous 5307th Composite Unit (MERRILL'S MARAUDERS), as the parent organization for an Department of the Army designated Long Range patrol (LRP) units, and the parenthetical designation (RANGER) in lieu of (LRP) for these units. As a result, the Long Range Patrol Companies and Detachments (LRP): formally the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) (Provisional) assigned to the major army commands in the Republic of Vietnam became the 75th Infantry (Ranger) Regiment.

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