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Welcome to the Mud and Blood: Recon hubpage!
Current game version: 1.5a

Click here to play MnBR on the MnB HQ website.

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Want to get a quick mission brief before heading out? Head here.

How to use the game menu

Game Interface
Recon's UI can be a bit overwhelming to first-timers. Learn all the in's and out's of leading your rangers efficiently.
Deployment Options
What you can pack before each patrol, and how each item is used.


Every soldier and vehicle, friend or foe, can be found in here.
Support Options
When things go bad, your radioman can radio HQ for various types support to fit your tactical situation.
You can find every weapon included in Mud and Blood: Recon right here.
Medals and Ribbons
Ribbons and Medals Warning: Spoilers!
Every (discovered) ribbon and medal that is achievable in MnBR can be found right here.
Learn about terrain features and their effect on combat here.
Medals and Ribbons
Concept of Operations
Want to know what exactly you will be doing on the ground? This is the place for you.
All the assets you'll find on the ground, along with information about them.

Deeper Reading
Game Mechanics
Game Mechanics
MnBR is complex. It takes a little while to understand some of the game mechanics and to fine-tune your strategy. Takes less if you read this section.
The war is extensive with various opportunities appearing anywhere. High Command orders are to be considered. Reading this sections improves the ability to deal with missions thrown at the Rangers.
Get a grip on the patrol strategies of other squad commanders.
Battlefield Theory
Learn methods of efficient stealthy patrolling, maximizing intel gained while minimzing heat accrued.
Battlefield Theory
Battlefield Theory
Further enhance your strategic abilities through a deeper understanding of combat theory.
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