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MnB Recon features in addition to the numerous primary weapon, three secondary pistols, the Colt1911, Colt Commander and Browning High Power. The three sidearms currently all have the same stats, currently unknown, and they can be used at commanders own discretion. The weapons are not suppressed and cause the mission to go overt if used and based on observations, do not have exceptional combat characteristics nor feature infinite ammo supply. A Ranger automatically draws his sidearm in the case of completely exhausting primary weapon ammunition.

Real Life

The Colt 1911 has seen combat in US Armed Forces ever since First World War all the way to Vietnam and in non-standard use all the way to modern-day conflicts in Iraq, Afganistan and Syria. Highly praised and reliable .45 caliber weapon with production numbering at 2.7 million weapons.

Browning Hi-Power is a Belgian military pistol produced in either 9x19mm Parabellum, 7.65x21mm Parabellum or .40 S&W caliber. It is one of the most widely spread military pistols having been used in over 50 armed forces around the world. The weapon was well known for is its almost double payload in comparison to other existing military pistols thanks to Browning developing a 13-round magazine alongside. The weapon still serves in half a dozen countries.

Colt Commander is a variant of the older Colt 1911 with the intention of making the weapon lighter for use by officers. The weapon has not seen large combat use mainly due to its less durable construction, having been manufactured from aluminium, making it less viable weapon to use in the field than the more robust M1911. The weapon has found its use today as a concealed officer weapon and among pistol competitions.

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