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A patch containing a wide variety of bug fixes, game balancing and a new feature, prisoner snatch.


  • Fixed chopper crash ending the mission on the extract.
  • Snatching enemy is now possible. Approach enemy from behind when covert.
  • Radio can’t be operated outside of screen boundaries anymore
  • Preliminary patch for the CIA and task force commander not kicking in when given intel in the CIC folder.
  • Increased the distance that a chopper need to be from the center screen in order to end the mission.
  • Added sounds when a prisoner is shot or choked
  • Added SpitzerFX mission briefs
  • Fixed a rare occasion where garbage (emty shells and casings, used medical supplies, blood ect..) would not spawn.
  • Dishka sound fixed (for real)
  • Changed the CIC (combined intelligence center or red folder if you like) values to a low count so enemy’s resources doesn’t get out of hand
  • Giving intel to CIA not broken anymore
  • Giving intel to task force commander not broken anymore
  • Fix Kit Carson scout not engaging enemies
  • Fixed Kit Carson being dismissed after stealth extract
  • Kit carson will spawn with the team on stealth insert
  • C4 has now 2 uses and has 1 less bulk
  • Fixed red folder not being affected by memos pertaining to VC resource changing.
  • HVT process fixed.
  • Fixed extracting with a dead pilot ends mission
  • “Busy” Rangers shouldnt be bad apples anymore (negative morale effect)
  • Fix: Acknowledging memos otherwise harmless to your merit, should exactly do that. Nothing.
  • No more ever growing frags/smokeCS/WP of death.
  • New mission type:Deep Recon. Insert far behind the enemy lines away from all support and survive 24 hrs. then catch the -only- extract available.
  • Changed kill card condition for RTX mission from transmit all comms to not being detected.
  • Standardized the option “ignore” in memo to give a flat +5% morale bonus to all troops and reduce your merit by 2% per rank difference with the memo originator.
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