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A patch containing major changes to various gameplay mechanics including merit, more in-depth enemy activity and new AO features alongside various bug fixes.


  • Red folder active with a ton of new functionalities to experiment. Have fun.
  • Assets destroyed will now hurt the enemy’s capabilities.
  • New memos to reflect the enemy replenishing his capabilities.
  • Merit capped at 100%
  • Merit can’t go lower than 0%
  • Merit reset after each tour
  • If you ignore a memo from a lower rank officer you still get a minimal -1% merit hit.
  • Removed the +5% merit to kicking soldier action but kept the morale boost
  • Replacement Rangers will take some time to get to your FOB now.
  • Counter Lurps will die like everyone else from explosions.
  • DSHK will sound like M60s for now.
  • Spawn table for VC weaponry pertaining to their role and weapons availability in the AO.
  • If a villager tells you about an impact point on a BDa mission, it counts as being recce’d.
  • Fixed enemies flying off the map or for ever on some occasions when they are blown away by explosions.
  • Fixed an issue in RTX missions where the timer would not stop when the game is paused.
  • BTRs will explode when hit by HE explosives (M72/Airstrike/Artillery HE)
  • New trees
  • New placeable: Temple, provides cover
  • Sandbag pits (what’s at the corner of a firebase) now explode properly.
  • Implementation of ZSU hvt
  • Culvert (new placeable)
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